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5 free guides to improve your marketing, impress existing clients, and attract new prospects

Research published earlier this year by The Lang Cat revealed that 1 in 2 financial advice business owners are kept awake at night by:

  1. Compliance and regulatory demands
  2. Fear of not meeting client expectations
  3. Concerns over managing their workload.

It’s a worryingly high figure, but not entirely surprising.

Financial advisers and planners are under increasing pressure to wear many hats, and “marketing expert” isn’t always the most comfortable fit.

And, if you’re managing your marketing efforts in-house, you’ll need to be prepared to gather information from various sources, sift through conflicting advice, and experiment to see what works. Just another contributor to a sleepless night?

That’s where our definitive guides series come in.

A comprehensive and trustworthy roadmap

Our collection of definitive guides offers a practical deep dive into the key things that will improve your marketing. We’ve shared five on our website so far, and we’ll continue to add to these over the coming months.

They’re designed to help you:

  • Cut through the noise to access tried and tested specialist knowledge, from people who only work with financial services professionals (that’s us, by the way!).
  • Gain confidence that you’re doing the right thing, so your marketing is working hard for you, you’re keeping existing clients happy, and doing everything you can to impress prospects.
  • Be more efficient with your marketing, providing all the information you need in one place, allowing you to implement the ideas fully and effectively right away.

So, in light of the research we’ve shared (and especially as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week), now seems like the perfect time to put these guides right under your nose.

1. The definitive guide to help financial advisers and planners run great webinars

Webinars are a cost-effective and highly efficient alternative to face-to-face events. Unfortunately, many advisers/planners worry about running them because they’re:

  • Unsure where to start
  • Anxious that they will go wrong
  • Daunted by the technical considerations.

So, to help, here’s your definitive guide to running webinars. Or, click here if you’d rather download it in PDF format.

2. 9 unique marketing challenges larger advice/planning firms face

Larger financial advice/planning firms are better at marketing than their smaller rivals and peers. Right?

Well, not always. In fact, when it comes to marketing, larger firms are often miles behind their smaller counterparts, who often display:

  • Greater agility
  • A better understanding
  • A greater openness to new ideas.

So, to discover the nine marketing challenges larger firms face, the consequences of each, and the solutions, click here to read the definitive guide online. There’s a downloadable PDF version of this one too.

3. The definitive guide to why you should send newsletters monthly not quarterly

Over the years we’ve heard many advisers, planners, and some marketing professionals (who frankly ought to know better) say that you should send your newsletters quarterly.

The closest they get to anything even approaching a compelling argument is often “cost”, despite the fact a monthly newsletter can be as little as a couple of hundred pounds a month (plus the pesky VAT). In truth, quarterly is the frequency chosen by those who:

  • Don’t understand the benefit of newsletters
  • Want to save a few quid (despite the obvious false economy)
  • Simply want to put the smallest tick possible in the “client communication” box.

So, here’s our case for sending newsletters to your clients, prospects, and professional connections every single month without fail. The PDF is available here… there’s a theme, isn’t there?

4. The definitive guide to help financial advisers and planners collect more online reviews

Online reviews will attract new clients to your business.

However, many advisers/planners don’t know where to start. Others worry that asking for reviews will damage client relationships.

So, in this definitive guide, you can find all our knowledge about reviews in one place.

It’s a detailed and practical A-Z of everything you need to know, based on our experience helping hundreds of advisers, planners, and firms collect more reviews. And, as is customary by now, there’s a PDF for you to download if you’d rather.

5. The definitive guide to claiming, building and maintaining your Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile will help both new and existing clients find you online and learn about your business.

Unfortunately, many financial advice/planning businesses haven’t fully completed their Profile, while others don’t even have one.

So, in our latest definitive guide, you’ll learn:

  • What a Google Business Profile is
  • How to claim and complete your Profile
  • How to monitor the performance of your Profile.

The last PDF to add to your growing collection (for now!) is also available on our website.

Stop guessing, start growing

Marketing without an actionable plan will never be as successful as a strategy underpinned by specialist experience, reliable data, and proven methods.

That’s what these guides, in their respective topics, are designed to provide.

If you have an idea for a guide that you’d like to see on our website in the near future, please drop me a line at or call 0115 8965 300.

Equally, if marketing is just another thing keeping you up at night, and you’re curious to understand how outsourcing could help you achieve your business goals, we’d love to have a chat.

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