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Harness LinkedIn’s power with these 6 practical ideas from our favourite experts

33 million UK users.

24/7 networking.

Great engagement and (usually) sensible debate.

That combination means LinkedIn is full of potential. Get your strategy right and it can help you engage with new clients, and, as we discussed during this week’s webinar, new recruits.

However, like most things in life, there’s a right and a wrong way of doing things.

We’ve written extensively about LinkedIn over the past few years. And we’ve seen advisers/planners get amazing results. We’re not the only ones with good ideas about the platform though.

So, this week, we’re bringing you the best ideas we’ve seen from other LinkedIn experts.

#1: ‘ThE aLgOrItHm DoEsN’t MaTtEr’ – Jason Vana

Naturally, you want your LinkedIn posts to be seen by as many of the right people as possible.

This post from Jason Vana will help you do just that. It includes a short, but comprehensive, list of the things that will help to boost you, and your posts, in LinkedIn’s algorithm.

And, we’re pleased to see that “post links in the comments” makes it onto the list. It’s still astonishing to us that so many LinkedIn users continue to make the basic mistake of putting links within their posts.

Click here to read Jason’s post.

#2: ‘Don’t edit your posts’ – Luke Matthews

LinkedIn’s algorithm is complex and, at times, feels illogical.

This experiment from Luke Matthews highlights one of those occasions. Luke’s research suggests that multiple edits of a post will reduce its reach and subsequent engagement.

Head here to read Luke’s post.

This blog from Stefanie Marrone also supports the theory.

#3: ‘How to Grow Your Audience on LinkedIn’ with Dave Gerhardt

Growing your audience on LinkedIn is one of the biggest challenges that most of us face.

This podcast from Dave Gerhardt at Exit Five is packed full of great ideas that will help you solve that challenge. We’ve listened to the podcast a few times now. It’s an absolute treasure trove of useful hints and tips.

Click here to listen.

#4: ‘The 2022 LinkedIn Algorithm Explained’ by Mubeen Anwer

Back to LinkedIn’s algorithm.

Understanding what it likes, and what it doesn’t, is key to ensuring your content is seen by more people on LinkedIn. This article from Mubeen Anwer is one of the best in-depth explanations of the algorithm we’ve ever seen.

Grab a cuppa (or something stronger) and have a read. It’ll change how you use LinkedIn forever.

#5: ‘How to smash LinkedIn’ with Pragya Mishra and Lea Turner

Joe Glover’s The Marketing Meetup Podcast is one of our favourite weekly listens.

In this episode, Joe, Pragya, and Lea discuss how to overcome a lack of confidence on LinkedIn. If you worry about what to post, what other people will think, or making a mistake, this podcast is for you!

#6: ‘Start engaging in the feed before you post’ – Luke Matthews

Back to Luke Matthews for our final top tip.

Luke explains how ‘waving’ at the LinkedIn algorithm helps boost engagement on his posts. Click here to learn the four things that Luke does (and that you can do too) before writing his daily post.

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As we said, we’ve written a lot about LinkedIn over the past few years.

The first job for anyone wanting to maximise LinkedIn’s potential it to build a great profile. This blog will help you do just that.

Then, make sure you’re not making these five big mistakes which we found after analysing 250 LinkedIn profiles.

Next, you’re ready to start sharing your value-adding content. Naturally, you want as many people as possible to see it. So, when’s the best time of day to post for maximum engagement? We answered that question in this blog earlier in the year.

Finally, (for now at least) if you’re feeling adventurous, video is a great method to engage people on the platform. Here are five ways to do just that.

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