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Checklists, downloads, templates and other resources to improve your marketing

Get your free financial marketing resources. Following the recent recruitment of three new team members, we recently held a long overdue planning day. The main aim was to develop our core values, which drive everything we do. The first on the newly created list, agreed by us all, is:

“We freely share our knowledge to help financial advisers and planners improve their marketing.”

In this spirit, over the past 18 months or so we’ve created a series of free downloads, checklists and other resources to help advisers and planners market their business. Indeed that was one of the three key reasons why we launched The Yardstick Agency.

We thought that now would be the perfect moment to remind the readers of our weekly blogs that these free financial marketing resources are available to download. No pesky sign-up forms, just click the link and you’re away.

Checklists – free to download:

Checklist #1: 27 things your website should have on its homepage

Most visitors will enter your website through the homepage. It therefore needs to be as effective as possible in helping them understand what you do and who you do it for. How many of these 27 things do you have on your website’s homepage? And, for the cynics; no, 27 isn’t too many!

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Checklist #2: Promoting your Chartered Status

You’ve worked hard for your Chartered status and in many ways it differentiates you from other advisers and planners. This checklist will help you show it off, explaining the benefits of your Chartered status to clients.

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Checklist #3: Adviser directories

Adviser directories such as Unbiased, VouchedFor and AdviserBook can be an excellent way of connecting consumers with the right adviser or planner. Used well they will also create a steady stream of new enquiries for your business. Our checklist will help you build effective profiles.

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Checklist #4: Choosing a name for your business

Starting a new business is a hugely exciting time, we know, we’ve done it! However, choosing the right name, can often be a struggle. Our checklist will take you through a step-by-step process to ensure you end up with the right result without missing anything along the way.

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Checklist #5: 12-point marketing MOT

Every so often it’s sensible to take a pit-stop; pulling over from the fast pace of life to review where you are with things. This checklist will help you do just that for your marketing.

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Checklist #6: Building your website’s team pages

The team section will be one of the most popular sections of your website. Getting it right, from providing the basic information visitors expect to find, to explaining the important things you want them to know, is therefore vital. However, too many are poorly constructed, giving too little information and focusing exclusively on the advisers and planners. If your’s isn’t up to scratch our checklist will help you get it right.

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Checklist #7: Building an effective fees page

The debate whether advisers and planners should disclose their fees online continues to rumble on. It’s not for us to say you should or shouldn’t, however, if you choose to this checklist will help you explain your fees clearly, along with the services you offer and the value you add.

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Checklist #8: Building effective client surveys

Client surveys are essential to improving your business and providing you with important social proof to use in your marketing. However, less than half of all advisers and planners use them. This checklist will help you build a successful survey.

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Template – free to download

Template #1: Building effective client surveys

Client testimonials are important elements of your social proof. However, they are so often short, bland and anonymous. Our template makes it easy to collect detailed testimonials from your clients, which you can then use on your website and in your wider marketing.

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Chartered animation package – unfortunately this isn’t free, but take a look anyway!

Help promoting your Chartered status

As we said earlier, your Chartered status sets your business apart from others. However, to many planners fail to effectively promote their Chartered status. Our animation package will put that right, helping you explain to your clients why they should use a Chartered Financial Planner. You can view the animation and the price by clicking the link below.

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