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7 sources that will inspire you to write spectacular content right now

One of the most common barriers to producing content is: “I have no inspiration”.

Coming up with ideas for blogs, client updates, or social media posts can be tricky. You’ve no doubt sat in front of a flashing cursor on a blank screen with complete brain freeze and no idea where to begin.

As a content team, we write more than 200 blogs every month, on topics from financial planning to fitness. So, to help you build up a bank of ideas that means you’re never struggling for inspiration, here are seven sources of great content.

1. The news

It might sound like an obvious place to start, but the news is full of ideas for content.

Every time I’m idly browsing a news website at the bus stop or having a cuppa, and I see a news story that piques my interest, I email it to myself and pop it in a folder called “inspiration”.

Most of the time I’m not writing an entire article about the news item I read. Instead, it sparks a thought about an angle that I can take to make a point that will be of interest to readers.

Stories about inflation, interest rates, scams, the State Pension, government policy and more will generally be a great jumping off point to write something that will be of interest to your clients.

2. Your clients

You speak to your clients all the time. So, next time you are struggling for inspiration, think about them.

  • What questions have they been asking you? Are you being asked the same thing by multiple clients, or have they shared concerns about something – inflation, the cost of living crisis, the Budget changes, and so on? If so, answer those questions!
  • Have you met a client and provided an innovative solution, or been able to offer them reassurance or peace of mind? If so, share that story – you can always change the names and numbers and anonymise it! – and that story might inspire or reassure others.
  • Has your client been able to fulfil a dream or reach a goal thanks to your advice? Talk about that and reinforce the value of planning.

Your clients are a terrific source of inspiration. Use them!

3. The calendar

Did you know that 8 May is World Migratory Bird Day? That 15 to 21 May is Mental Health Awareness Week? Or that My Money Week is 12 to 16 June?

There’s an awareness day or celebration pretty much every day of the year. While I have yet to find an angle for International Lemon Juice Day (29 August), there are dozens of opportunities every month to write content that ties into one of these days.

And, if you publish it and push it out on social media on the day, you can get involved in the global conversation.

4. Email updates

If you’re busy and find it hard to make time for the news, let it come to you.

Almost every trade publication – from FTAdviser to COVER magazine – offers a free email news service you can sign up to. All the main newspapers do the same.

So, sit back and wait for tons of relevant, engaging financial services and money news to simply drop into your inbox, and skim it to find the good stuff.

5. Popular culture

2023 is the 50th anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon, Live and Let Die, Aladdin Sane, The Exorcist and Queen’s debut album.

It’s also the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, the 25th anniversary of Titanic, the 50th anniversary of the death of JRR Tolkien, and 30 years since Jurassic Park.

Some of the most popular blogs I write are those that link something that is happening in popular culture with a financial topic. I recall that, during the last season of the BBC drama Line of Duty, an article suggesting five things the hit police show could teach you about financial planning was gobbled up by readers.

It’s not something you can do every time, but if you’re a massive Queen fan, then write about 10 Freddie lyrics that can offer financial advice. People are “under pressure”. They “want it all”. You’re “their best friend”.

See? Don’t stop me now (sorry).

6. Providers

As part of their own marketing strategy, many providers regularly release useful content. The easiest way to find them is to search for “newsroom” or “press releases” and the name of the provider.

You’ll find tons of research, data, and statistics from the likes of Aviva, Standard Life, Legal & General, Royal London, Aegon, Scottish Widows, Canada Life and many more, often concerning issues that will be of direct interest to your clients.

7. Your life

Your life is a superb source of inspiration, as it means you can write personally and from the heart.

Your hobbies, your children, your working practices, and your relationships will all relate to your profession in some way. You only have to look back at the Yardstick blog to see how the interests and passions of the Yardstick team make for brilliant reading.

Whether it’s mushroom foraging, cleaning your desk, The Last Of Us, Julius Caesar, or Tetris, your interests and the things you get up to in your day-to-day life will always open the door to a new idea. Embrace them!

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