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3 reasons why playing Tetris will benefit you in day-to-day life

You’ve no doubt heard of Tetris, the digital puzzle game where the aim of the aim of the game is to achieve the highest score possible by clearing neat lines of isometric shapes as quickly as possible.

While the game launched back in 1984, it continues to be played around the world to this day. You can download Tetris from both the Apple and Google Play stores on your phone, and Nintendo even released a new, “battle royale” version of the game named Tetris 99 in 2019.

By now, you might be wondering: “Why are you even writing a blog about a game as old as Prince Harry”? Well, it’s a good job I’m about to tell you!

I’ve only recently downloaded the game but, since playing it, I have noticed it actually has a beneficial impact on me on a day-to-day basis.

Back in 2015 during the World Science Festival, neuroscientist Richard Haier discussed a study which showed how playing Tetris can actually change the brain for all the right reasons. Since watching this video, it got me thinking: what elements of playing a video game can actually help you with working in the financial planning and marketing world?

So here are three reasons why you should download and play Tetris.

Strategy – You can’t just place blocks anywhere

As easy as Tetris may seem, that’s not exactly the case.

When the blocks are falling, you need to look at the available areas where they can go, especially as they fall in a random order and no block is always the same. You also have the option to “hold” one block which you can then use later when it seems more appropriate to use.

To relate this to marketing, you have to organise a pitch for your potential clients so that there is a structure to help both you to achieve you aim but in a step-by-step plan.

Just as in Tetris, you need to keep things organised, clear, and targeted during your game. Otherwise, the blocks will pile to the top sooner than you think and its game over before you even get started.

As the game speeds up, you need to take your time

If you’re lucky enough to get to a score of around 60,000 on the “marathon mode” of the Tetris mobile app, you’ll notice the increase in speed.

At this stage of the game, you might find yourself making rash decisions, leading to you placing blocks in places that may not necessarily be what you want.

You have to adapt to not play at the same breakneck speed, like you do at the beginning of the game. You need to slow your mind down and place the blocks carefully. In marketing it’s best to take a break, pause the game as such, so you avoid making rash decisions in your strategy.

When you feel like you have to rush through getting things organised for your marketing, whether that’s a new website going live or your client videos being uploaded, remember that it’s best to take your time and get it right.

Even if you only have a certain amount of time to get things finished, it’s often best to get everything planned out carefully, rather than rushing through and making mistakes.

Game over

There are two game modes on the version of Tetris that I play on my phone: “quick play” and “marathon”.

In quick play, you only have three minutes to get a high score to beat your personal best. Meanwhile, there’s no time limit in marathon but, like I mentioned earlier, the game becomes harder as your score becomes greater.

When the game comes to an end, it’s always nice to analyse your performance mentally and think about what you could do next time to beat your high score.

Analysing your performance is key in helping you improve. After you’ve finished a social media campaign or sent out your monthly newsletter, it’s well worth analysing how effective these activities were in promoting your business, and what you can do to improve them next time.

Tetris is a game that can improve your thinking skills, levels of analysis, and be a welcome distraction after a busy day or week.

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