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3 essential Yardstick advice blogs you may have missed

All successful businesses are built by great teams.

We’re lucky here at the Yardstick Agency to have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable marketing professionals. Over the past few weeks, our team have been sharing their knowledge through a series of blog posts.

So, rather than hearing from me this week, I thought I’d share with you some of the great content they’ve been producing. Over the past three weeks Nick Parkhouse, Dan Campbell and Naomi Upton have written about:

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5 reasons using numbers works in article headlines (because science says so)

You want as many people as possible to read what you write, after all, writing blogs and articles is bloody hard work! Nick explains why including numbers in your headlines will encourage more people to read your blogs and articles.

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7 social media targeting categories you didn’t know existed

The ability to target specific types of people on LinkedIn and Facebook means your social media messages and adverts will hit home faster and more effectively. Plus, it means you will use your marketing budget more effectively. Naomi explains more, and also reveals seven types of people you might not know you could target social media.

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3 routes to take when naming your business

Dan Campbell, Copywriter & Creative, The Yardstick Agency

Choosing your business name is a huge decision. Get it right and you will proudly show it off for years to come. Get it wrong and it’ll be an itch you need to scratch forevermore. Dan considers the options you have for both renaming and existing business or choosing a name for a new one.

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I hope you find these articles useful. If you have any questions you would like the authors to answer please email and we’ll forward them to Dan, Naomi or Nick.

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