Why us?

Why us? Well… There are many reasons why our clients choose to work with us, but there’s one which stands out above all others:

Because… We are financial services specialists.

The Yardstick Agency works exclusively with the financial services sector, which means we have an intimate knowledge of your needs and those of your clients.

This means we get straight to work. You won’t need to spend hours explaining to us the difference between an ISA and a SIPP, a buy-to-let and a residential mortgage, a term assurance and a whole of life plan.

You get the picture.

We know this stuff. We can put that knowledge to great work, adding the ‘wow’ to your marketing and delivering great results on the money you invest.

This in-depth financial services knowledge starts with our founder, Phil Bray, who has worked as an adviser, a marketer and in compliance, and runs through the rest of our team.

There are of course other reasons our clients choose us:


Our name says it all; we are the yardstick of quality.

A Michelin starred chef, will only send out food which meets their exacting standards. The same applies to us. All our work is quality checked and we’re proud to put our name on to it.

We hit deadlines too. It’s unacceptable to us to deliver a project late.


Your marketing budget must provide a measurable return.

We believe marketing shouldn’t be seen as a cost, if it is, you’re doing it wrong! Get it right though and your business will be stronger and more sustainable.

That’s why we expect to be measured by our results and the value we provide.


You will tell your clients if they have achievable goals.

The same goes for us. We’ll never take on client if we don’t truly believe we can add value to their marketing, helping them to achieve the goals they have for their business.

Our clients value this honest, no-nonsense approach in the same way yours do.


You provide strategic thinking for your clients.

We do the same for you. We’ll work to understand your goals. Then we’ll develop a plan to achieve them. And most importantly, we’ll deliver that plan.

In fact, the way we work with our clients is how you work with yours.