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Why do you do what you do?

Our blogs are normally pretty practical in nature, today though (and for one week only, I promise!) I’m going to get a bit more personal within financial business.

We recently recorded a video with a client. The most effective line, delivered superbly, was: “It’s why we do what we do.”

In financial business, that small, word, “why”, is hugely significant.

Simon Sinek is fascinating on the subject. He explains his belief that every financial business should start with “why”, defined, briefly, as: why do you get out of bed in the morning?

Sinek’s Ted Talk, which I highly recommend (I’ve given the link at the end of this blog), begs two questions:

  1. Do you know why you do what you do?
  2. Do your clients know why you do what you do?

Nearly a year after we launched The Yardstick Agency we’ve worked with over 50 clients. However, I don’t know how many of them know why we do what we do.

I want to put that right today.

I had three key aims when I took the leap from employment to set up the business:

1. To help financial advisers and planners market their businesses more effectively.

It’s often something they find hard. And like most things we aren’t good at, or enthusiastic about, is often better outsourced. Leaving you with more time to do what you do best. Which brings me to my second ‘why’…

2. To help promote the value of financial planning.

I believe financial planning changes lives. I’ve seen it myself (I have a fee-based financial planner who I started working with this year) and I want to do everything possible to promote the benefits of financial planning to a wider audience.

3. To build a sustainable business in Nottingham, providing employment and opportunity.

During my 20 or so years in financial services, there are several people who have:

  • Given me opportunities
  • Believed in me
  • Just been there when I needed a hand up.

Sustainability, because I lost a business in 2008. There’s still a large part of me which wants to prove I’ve got it in me to build a lasting, and profitable business. But also, and more significantly, because there’s no opportunity without sustainability.

Opportunity, because over the course of this year I’ve seen how hard being a teenager is right now. My son, Will, is 14. Who knows what the future holds for him? However, I would love to think that if it’s not with us (my attempts to sell the merits of a financial services career have so far met with a stony silence!), there’s someone out there starting a business right now, who will offer him a rewarding career when the time comes.

That’s why I was especially delighted when we recently placed an advert for our second apprentice last week.

I know that if we accomplish the first two, the third will take care of itself, as will my personal goals.

Tell me yours

So, now you know my “why”, what’s yours? Contact me, I’d love to know.

More importantly, and this brings me neatly back to Simon Sinek, so would your clients.

Perhaps you should tell them?

PS. Here’s the link to Simon Sinek’s TED Talk. It’s only 15 minutes long and well worth it.

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