The ‘Pick & Mix’ service

The ‘Pick & Mix’ option gives existing advisory businesses that already do some marketing the chance to review and fix the stuff that doesn’t work.

Initial marketing strategy meeting

Your marketing may not be delivering the results you expected or hoped for so we offer financial marketing advise for those struggling. When you first take on a client, you’ll review their existing plans and develop a strategy to deliver their agreed goals. We’re no different. We’ll understand what you want to achieve with your marketing, look at what you’re already doing and recommend a ‘pick & mix’ strategy to meet your objectives.

Website design and development

You’ll almost certainly already have a website. If it’s not delivering, it may just need a few tweaks. But it could need a fundamental redesign. Either way, our experienced team can deliver a site that gives you a shop window to attract clients. And one you – and we – can be proud of.


Regular communication helps to deepen your relationship with clients, while giving them useful and relevant information about their personal finances.

Being in regular contact also improves the likelihood they will recommend your services to others.

We offer a variety of newsletter options including printed and electronic. The content is written in-house by our experienced and knowledgeable team and all newsletters carry your branding.

Content writing

We provide ‘pick & mix’ content and copy writing services for a variety of clients, from sole practitioner firms, to large, multi-location businesses.

Whether you are a provider looking to communicate with advisers and planners, or an advisory firm writing for your clients, we’ll take time to understand your objectives and then write in your style and tone of voice to produce engaging copy.

Our knowledge and experience means we know SIPPs from SSAS, VCTs from EIS and Appointed Representative from Registered Individual. That means we can get straight down to writing your content, with less time spent on research, reducing the overall cost as well as delivery times.

Stationery & email footer design

If you rebrand your business, your business card, letterhead and email footer all need to change too. We’ll redesign everything to reflect your new positioning and identity.

Design of initial disclosure and proposition documents

Rebranding or not – it doesn’t matter. Take the opportunity to review these documents. We’d put money on the fact they could be more engaging for clients. We can help make them add value beyond their basic compliance function. They can sell your services too.


You may be very happy with your existing brand. And we’ll happily work with that. But if you feel it’s time for a change, our highly skilled designers can develop a brand to truly reflect your business.

Directory profile set-up

Unbiased is the original adviser directory and is still an important part of many advisers’ marketing strategy. If you go the extra mile to set your listing apart, you can generate more enquiries. We’ll build your profile for you, using tried and tested techniques and maximise the return on your investment.

We’ll then train you on how to get the best from your profile.

VouchedFor is the main competitor to Unbiased, but just as powerful. They have different profiles, so they complement each other well. We’ll help you generate the right client enquiries and improve your return on investment.

Client surveys

Understanding what the views of your existing clients is crucial to the development of your business.

What are you doing well? Where could the service improve? What do clients value?

Our client surveys, which give you a choice of questions and delivery options, will help you answer these questions and more.

Once complete we’ll help you analyse the results and implement appropriate changes to your business.

Website copy writing

Your website won’t be effective if your audience don’t connect with the words on screen. We’re experienced copy writers. We’ll get to know your business and produce ‘pick & mix’ content for your site to engage your visitors and communicate your key messages.

SEO fundamentals

Convincing search engines to rank your website can be difficult. But to stand a chance, you need to get the fundamentals right. We’ll make sure your page titles, meta-descriptions and keywords are all in order, just to name a few. We will give you the great foundations to build on if you want to spend more money on this.

PPC advertising

Getting traffic to your website can prove challenging and that’s where Google AdWords come in. Advertising your financial services through pay-per-click can be very rewarding and you can target the exact audience you need to sell your services to. We will do the keyword research, build the ads and implement them for you. It’s that easy.

Google My Business set-up

You need to impress potential clients right from their first online search. Your Google My Business account can help you dominate the results page for searches relating to your brand. We can claim it for you and build the page. If you’ve done this already, we can make sure it reflects your brand, its key messages and best practice.

LinkedIn profile review

Many prospective clients will carry out their own research before getting in touch. Linkedin is a go-to source of information about you and your business. We’ll help build or amend your profile to re-enforce your brand. And build your credibility with potential clients too.

Social media set-up

Using the right social media channels and language to resonate with your target audience isn’t easy. We can help with both. So the right people hear the right message at the right time. You can ‘pick & mix’ the social media platforms that best suit your target audience too.


Video is a great way to keep visitors and potential clients on your website for as long as possible. And effective video doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ll help script, record and edit so your message is heard and hits home.

Website MOTs

We want you to remain happy with your website. And it has to keep doing its job for you. Every website built by Yardstick gets an annual MOT. We’ll check for any issues which could reflect badly on your business and brand.

Website hosting

Website hosting is crucially important; your pages need to load quickly, and your site needs to be accessible. Nothing is more frustrating that a website where pages take an age to load, or the site regularly crashes due to issues with the hosting.

Reliability and speed are vital, but so is value for money.

Our hosting solution ticks all three boxes.

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