Yardstick Membership

Getting your marketing on the right track with our ‘Made Simple’ or ‘Pick-and-Mix’ services is just the start.

You need to continue heading in the right direction. You need to follow through.

A Yardstick membership will help you stay in touch with clients and prospects. It gives them valuable news and information in easy to read, timely, chunks.

Monthly content added to website

We add articles to ‘The Backyard’ each month. Based on your target clients, we select between six and eight and add them to your website for you. With this unique service, you know your website is in expert hands.

Monthly newsletter

An electronic newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with your clients and prospects It can provide them with useful information relevant to their own financial circumstances. It’s also a great way to showcase your l expertise. We’ll send a monthly newsletter in your brand to your clients, prospects and professional connections. In fact, anyone you want to receive it. All you have to do is concentrate on the day job. We’ll do the rest.

Budget newsletter

This is an important landmark in the financial year. Your clients will expect you to keep them informed. We’ll send them a newsletter covering the key points on the day of the speech. Not days later when others have beaten you to it.

Ad hoc client communications when required

There are certain times when clients will look to you for information and reassurance. When these things happen, we’ll keep your clients fully informed. Assuming you want us to of course!

Access to ‘Content Shed’

Every single piece of our content is available to Yardstick Members. Not just the stuff we put on your site or in your client newsletter. It’s all in the ‘Content Shed’ and there for you to use whenever and however you like.

Reports and guides published quarterly

News articles and blogs are great for keeping your clients up to date, but some things call for more in-depth information and analysis. Yardstick members will get access to white labelled guides published throughout the year. They’ll form a comprehensive library which we’ll customise with your brand.

Management information

Information is key to measuring the success of your marketing activities. Each month we’ll provide a comprehensive report. It’ll show you a series of key metrics and the progress we’ve made together.


Yardstick members will have access to exclusive webinars from leading industry figures. They’ll all focus on helping you build a better business.