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What can the General Election teach us about marketing our businesses?


If like me, you’ve stayed up all night to watch the results, I can assure you that this week’s blog is mercifully short.

The result has probably come as a surprise to most of us; there seems little doubt the next few days will see recriminations and deals. The past seven weeks have given me plenty to think about and have also reminded me of one thing, which I want to share with you this morning.


I’ve said many times before: “Content is King” and we’ve written a lot recently about the importance of producing great:

  • Blogs, such as the one you are reading now
  • Videos, or
  • Podcasts

Choose the option which will work for your target audience and that you are happy producing. For most people, that’s blogs, which also have the advantage of being relatively easy and cost-effective to produce. They can also be written in a timely way; the clients of advisers we work with have already received a General Election update this morning.

So, what does this have to do with the election?

Marketing for finance businesses means your content must be well written, relevant to the audience and, ideally, entertaining; don’t be boring!

You also need to be consistent.

We produce a weekly blog and send it out every Friday morning at 7.30 am. I initially considered skipping this week (the first we’d have missed since launching Yardstick) but consistency is key. So, I gave myself a kick up the backside, opened the iPad and started writing.

I firmly believe that those advisers who produce high-quality, relevant content, on a consistent basis (and then promote to their target audience) will be more successful marketers. That means producing content, regularly, week in, week out, month in, month out; even if it is the morning after the election result.

Tricks for achieving consistency

It isn’t easy to produce content on a regular basis; there are so many other calls on our time. I recommend:

  • Blocking time out of your diary, in the same way you would a client meeting, to produce content
  • Remembering that even when you are inundated with clients, that might not always be the case. Today’s content, produces tomorrow’s client
  • Find a place and a time for writing that works for you. I like to write in coffee shops and on trains, with distractions such as the phone and email turned off. That might not be right for you, but find out what is and stick to it

Of course, you might genuinely lack the skills or desire to produce marketing for finance businesses, or be unable to do so consistently. And of course, you should “only do what only you can do.” If that’s the case, then find an alternative, train a member of your team or outsource your content production.

On that note, our number is 0115 815 7770, although on second thoughts, if you would like to know more about our content writing services, it might be better if you emailed:; I’ve been up all night and it’s time for some sleep!

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