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Updating your professional connections – here’s something you’re probably not doing, but might be a good idea

I have a theory that most financial advisers/planners should do more to update their professional connections about clients they’ve introduced.

And if they did, it would result in more introductions.

Hear me out on this as I explain, then let me have your thoughts by emailing, as I’d love to know whether you think I’m right or wrong on this.

We’ve always believed that introductions from professional connections are the best source of new business after:

  1. Upsells/cross-sells to existing clients
  2. Traditional referrals/recommendations.

Unfortunately, very few advisers/planners who want to get more introductions from professional connections are ever successful.

Opening doors is easy, but building relationships is hard

In my experience, it’s pretty easy to get an initial meeting with a solicitor or accountant, and many are initially keen to form a meaningful relationship. Then barriers suddenly appear:

  • They prioritise the day job, rather than making introductions
  • They never get into the habit of discussing your services with their clients
  • They might have several advisers/planners whom they spread introductions to
  • They want to work with you, but other members of their practice have alternative relationships.

I believe the answer to these issues is to stay front of mind with professional connections by giving them valuable information.

You can certainly do that by offering CPD-able workshops, webinars, and seminars. A monthly newsletter helps too. But none of that is client-specific, which leads us to the opportunity I feel most advisers/planners are missing out on: sending regular, client-specific updates to each of their professional connections.

More specifically, I’m talking about a monthly email sent to the introducing professional connection, updating them on clients they’ve introduced.

The update shouldn’t be limited to recent introductions. Instead, extend it to all clients the professional connection has ever introduced to you.

And, in addition to providing financial information, include other things going on in your mutual clients’ lives which the professional connection might be unaware of.

Of course, the necessary permissions would need to be in place. However, if you can overcome that hurdle, these updates would have huge benefits:

  • Solicitors and accountants often interact less frequently with their clients than you do, so they’ll find these updates very useful.
  • You’ll stay front of mind with the professional connection, and stand out because other advisers/planners aren’t doing this.
  • The client will benefit from truly joined-up thinking and you’ll get the kudos for driving it.
  • You can showcase the benefits the client has received from working with you in the updates, perhaps by signposting to Google and VouchedFor reviews the client has left. This will impress the professional connection and encourage them to recommend other clients to you.

Don’t wait, dive in

RQ Ratings is doing some pioneering work in this area, so I’d urge you to check them out.

And, if you feel these updates would benefit you, your professional connections, and your clients, what’s stopping you from diving in with a simple email update starting now?

Am I right or wrong? Is this something you’re already doing?

To round off this week’s blog, I have two questions for you:

  1. Do you already provide your professional connections with regular updates on all the clients they’ve introduced to you?
  2. If you don’t, is it something you should be doing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on those two questions, so please email them to, I’m sure they’ll give me food for thought over the Easter weekend.

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