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5 little problems we all face, and effective ways you can prevent them

Ever had the urge to do something and not really known why? I did, a few weeks ago when I signed up to this year’s fantasy football league. I’m not sure what possessed me to do it – my knowledge of football could be written on the back of a postage stamp.

In fact, when I had to pick a second goalie for my fantasy football draft, the only other name I could remember apart from Jordan Pickford was David Seaman.

I have no idea what the offside rule actually means, and to be honest, unless it’s the World Cup, I really don’t care what happens within those 90 minutes.

Yet four weeks ago, with about 45 minutes to go before the start of the fantasy league, I found myself desperately trying to get signed up for this season. Why? I have no idea.

But by doing something I wouldn’t normally do, I realised that in almost any situation, we all have certain issues we face, some on a regular basis.

So what are these potential stumbling blocks, and what can we learn to prevent them happening in the future?

Issue #1: Fear of missing out (FOMO)

Whether it’s not being invited on a night out, investing in the latest craze, or (apparently) being included in your company’s fantasy football league, the FOMO is real.

Signs you have FOMO 

  1. Constantly checking news, social media, or other sources to see what you’re missing.
  2. Saying yes to things, although you don’t really want to do them.
  3. Comparing yourself to others.

Overcome it by…

Focusing on the present and what you have – rather than what you don’t – can help you appreciate your life as it is, without dwelling on what could have been.

You should also keep on top of your self-care – make sure you get enough sleep and exercise, and spend time doing things you enjoy.

Issue #2: Refusal to step out of your comfort zone

When Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something every day that scares you”, she was encouraging us all to face our fears.

Keeping within our comfort zone is familiar, safe, and makes us feel in control. But you know what staying within our comfort zone doesn’t usually do? Encourage growth.

Signs you’re restricted by your own fears

  1. Your brain will overthink everything, and focus on the worst-case scenario.
  2. You’re always stressed or anxious, and struggle to relax.
  3. You actively avoid new experiences.

Overcome it by…

Starting small. Whether it’s trying a new food, or taking a new route to and from work – if it’s something you would like to do but are usually too busy asking yourself “what if?”, give it a try. You never know – you may enjoy it!

It’s also important to really listen to how you speak to yourself. If you notice that you put yourself down, ask yourself: Would you speak to someone else like that?

Focus on your positive qualities, which in turn will boost your self-esteem.

Issue #3: Reluctance to make decisions

Making decisions means committing to a choice, good or bad. But refusing to make a choice and commit to certain things is still a choice in itself – and not always the right one.

Not choosing a certain path can leave you frustrated and unable to move forward, constantly stuck in your current position.

Signs you’re suffering from a lack of decision-making 

  1. Experiencing stress or anxiety from constant inaction, and the potential consequences caused by it.
  2. Feeling stuck and not in control of your life, or finding it difficult to move forward.
  3. Regularly feeling regret over missed opportunities.

Overcome it by…

Setting deadlines can help you face the fact that you need to make a decision within a certain time frame.

Making a pros and cons list can also help you decide what’s right for you, and what would happen if you decided one way or the other.

Issue #4: Having incomplete information

When you’re tasked with something, whether it’s completing a project at work or deciding something on behalf of someone else, you need the right tools – or information – to get started.

If you find yourself constantly asking questions, feeling lost or confused, you may be struggling with a lack of information.

Signs you’re impacted by a lack of information

  1. You’re making more mistakes than usual, indicating you’re not sure what you’re doing or how to do it correctly.
  2. You’re constantly making assumptions and filling in the blanks with your own ideas.
  3. You find yourself getting stuck, frustrated, or unable to move forward.

Overcome it by…

Do your research, and always ask for help! Whether it’s your mentor, clients, or colleagues, people are always happy to help. They would rather you get it right now, than have to fix mistakes later down the line.

Trusting your gut is another key instinct. If you have a feeling something isn’t right, it probably isn’t – and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Issue #5: Lack of support

You’re a tough cookie, we get that. You can cope with almost anything that’s thrown at you. But when you start to think you’re alone or feel isolated, it could mean you’re not feeling supported in your endeavours.

Signs you’re struggling to connect with your support system

  1. You’ve noticed you’re feeling more negative emotions, such as anxiety, sadness, or anger.
  2. You’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t cope with difficult situations.
  3. You may engage in self-destructive behaviour.

Overcome it by…

Reaching out to friends, family, and even colleagues can often seem scary, but doing so will help ease the burden, by showing you how much support you have.

If you don’t feel like you can reach out to anyone in your network, perhaps seeking professional help from a counsellor or therapist may suit you better. Trained professionals can also help you develop coping mechanisms to carry forward with you.

If you can resonate with any of these issues, you’re not alone, but understanding how they can lead to destructive or negative behaviour can help you recognise the need to overcome them.

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