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14 ways to get the most out of your Money Alive subscription

For those not in the know, Money Alive produces educational video content for financial advisers and planners to use with clients, prospects and professional connections.

The 64 unique videos have both marketing and compliance uses and are divided into the following ‘box sets’:

  • Business protection
  • Drawdown Review
  • Final Salary – stay or transfer
  • Flexible income
  • Guaranteed income
  • Pension Freedoms
  • Power of Attorney
  • Understanding Long-Term Care
  • Wills

A range of subscription options are available. Each level gives a certain number of credits, which are then used up during the month as your clients, prospects and professional connections watch the videos.

Click here to find out more about the different subscription options.

We’ve also partnered with Money Alive to develop a special offer. Clients of The Yardstick Agency get:

  • 10% more credits as part of their subscription
  • Access to the Money Alive marketing ‘bolt-on’

The video content is superb and can be used to:

  • Educate and inform existing clients
  • Engage and educate potential clients
  • Develop relationships with professional connections

There are numerous other benefits, not least the recently added DIY video email feature.

We want to help advisers and planners who subscribe to Money Alive get the most from it. So, here are 14 ways advisers and planners can use their Money Alive subscription.

Please note, we’ve also developed a handy checklist for you to print off and use. You can get that by clicking here.

1. Build a video library on your website

Content is king, so you’ve probably got a blog/news section on your website.

You should also use the Money Alive box sets to create an educational video library to engage, inform and educate website visitors.

All your users need to do to watch is register via a webform.

2. Use the videos in lead magnet campaigns

Lead magnet campaigns generate new enquiries by asking consumers to provide their contact details to access useful, relevant and valuable content.

Adverts are generally run on social media (we don’t recommend running lead magnet campaigns in conjunction with Google Adwords if you want to know why drop an email to where the ability to target who it is shown to is incredibly useful.

The content offered is usually in the form of a guide, white paper, blog or checklist. However, the Money Alive box sets are perfect for lead magnet campaigns.

3. Develop a process for following up leads

As we’ve just touched upon, each box set comes with its own registration form.

Using this customisable webform means visitors have to provide basic information to access their chosen box set, such as their name and email address. That’s only half the job though. You need to build processes for following up and nurturing people who have watched the videos until they are ready to meet with you.

This nurturing process should include:

  • Telephone calls (if they provided their number)
  • Sending emails with other content, including blogs and guides to complement the box sets they watched
  • Suggesting they watch other box sets

4. Use the Refer a Friend feature

This feature means that people who finish watching a box set are emailed a link which they can then forward on to friends, family and work colleagues. When the friend/colleague clicks on the link, they’ll have to input their own information, meaning you’ll be able to capture them as a lead too.

5. Include the videos in your newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to add value, demonstrate knowledge and touch clients, prospects and professional connections with your brand.

First and foremost, newsletters should include written content in the form of blogs and news articles. However, these could be complemented by including a link to a box set in each newsletter, giving the recipient another way of interacting with your business.

6. Form partnerships with solicitors

56% of people in the UK don’t have a will and an astonishing 88% don’t have a Lasting Power of Attorney (Source: Solicitors for the Elderly).

The Wills and Power of Attorney box sets can be used to create opportunities among your existing clients and prospects which can then be referred on to professional connections.

7. Form partnerships with accountants

You know the benefits of keyman and shareholder protection. However, too many directors and business owners haven’t put it in place.

Offer to run campaigns for accountants you already know, or want to work with, promoting the benefits of business protection to their clients.

The webform will create actionable leads for you to follow up.

8. Communicate with members of group schemes

If you run group pension schemes, communicating efficiently with the members can be difficult.

Money Alive videos solve this problem. We recommend adding webforms to employer intranets. Members of the group schemes can then watch the videos and ask questions while using the webform will create opportunities to turn scheme members into financial planning clients.

It’ll also demonstrate to employers and pension schemes that you can reach every member with impartial and engaging information on a variety of topics. This is particularly relevant to Pension Freedoms and Final Salary transfers.

9. Help your clients and prospects prepare for meetings

The videos are ideal for educating clients or prospects on the topics you’re going to discuss at your meeting. Simply send a link to the relevant box set before the meeting. By doing this your client or prospect:

  • Will improve their knowledge before the meeting
  • Can send their questions to you via the Money Alive system before the meeting

Also, you can record on your file that they’ve watched the box set.

Advisers and planners who do this tell us that meetings are more efficient and productive, while clients are more invested in the planning process.

10. Add Money Alive reports to your client file

The Money Alive system creates a report to show how a client or prospect interacted with the box set you’ve sent to them.

The report shows:

  • Whether the entire chapter within a box set was watched. If the client/prospect answers ‘no’ to this question they are directed back to the start of the chapter
  • Whether the client/prospect understood the content. If the client/prospect indicates they didn’t understand something they are asked to confirm what they would like more information on.

Downloading the evidence pack, which also includes a low-resolution version of the video, could be worth its weight in gold in the event of a future complaint.

11. Send better quality referrals to pension transfer specialists

If you’re no longer active in the pension transfer market but instead refer this type of work to a Pension Transfer Specialist, you could triage potential clients first by using the ‘Final Salary – Stay or Transfer’ box set. This keeps you in control of the client and shows them how you can add value even in an area where you do not give advice.

12. Add templated paragraphs to your suitability reports

Money Alive provides templated paragraphs allowing you to seamlessly reference the videos in your suitability reports.

13. Use the DIY video email feature to send messages to clients

The recently added DIY video email feature allows you to use video messaging to communicate with clients. Videos can be:

  • Recorded elsewhere, for example, using your phone and uploaded to Money Alive, or
  • Recorded directly on the platform.

Advisers and planners who communicate in this way tell us it’s very popular with clients as it saves them reading a long email.

Recording a video is more efficient. It removes the coincidence of availability problem; you can record the video at a time which suits you and the client/prospect can watch it when they want to.

Again, the system will confirm whether the recipient has watched the video and allows them to ask questions at the end.

Finally, the optional additional security features protect sensitive information contained in the video.

14. Record and send a welcome message to prospects

Most firms send an email to prospects confirming their initial meeting. Typically, the email will contain information about what to expect at the meeting, details of anything they need to bring with them and practical details, such as where to park.

The DIY video email feature could be used to record this message; it’s more personal, easier to digest and starts the ‘face-to-face’ relationship sooner.

What next?

If you already subscribe to Money Alive: Click here to download the checklist. Then work through it to decide which of our top tips are relevant to your business. If you would like our help implementing any of the recommendations, please contact us by emailing or call 0115 8965 300.

If you don’t already subscribe to Money Alive: Set up a demonstration of the system and a free trial by emailing Nigel Bergin on Then, click here to download your checklist and contact us if you would like help implementing the recommendations.

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