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10 ways Loom videos can boost your marketing, engage clients, and save time

Turning clients into advocates has many benefits.

So many in fact, we dedicated a webinar to the topic earlier this week, explaining the 12 touchpoints that help you achieve that aim.

If you missed the webinar, you can find the recording in our new video library.

Touchpoint number nine was using video, specifically Loom.

We’re big fans of Loom here at The Yardstick Agency, so it got us thinking.

How else can advisers and planners use Loom to improve their marketing and engage with clients?

“Woah, hold on a minute, what’s Loom?”

Good question!

Loom is a video messaging platform that allows you to record your camera, microphone and (if you choose to) computer screen, all at the same time.

Then, once you’ve recorded the video, you can easily share it with others and receive a notification when they watch it.

You can use it through a Chrome extension or an app on your desktop/phone.

Finally, like most tech these days, there’s a free entry-level version and a ”paid-for” subscription for just $8 per month.

The benefits of using Loom are huge:

  • It builds an immediate connection with the person watching the video
  • It grabs their attention because it’s different to more traditional forms of communication and very few other advisers/planners are using it
  • It’s quicker than email – it’ll take you less time to record (and your recipient less time to watch) a Loom video than communicating by email
  • Recording your screen helps you to show something that might be difficult to visualise if explained over email or a phone call
  • It’s a great replacement for long emails
  • It can eliminate diary conflicts and mean things get done more quickly (because you record a video instead of arranging a meeting)
  • It allows you to work more efficiently.

Those are the basics, so how can you use it?

Here are 10 ways (there are probably more, but 10 are enough to be going on with for the moment, right?) to make the most of our favourite video messaging tool.

#1: Record videos to use on social media

It’s no secret that short videos get greater engagement on social media than written posts.

Plus, people engage with people.

Showing your face is a great way to build relationships with current and prospective clients online.

Whether on your desktop or phone, Loom will allow you to create videos that you can post on social media.

Plus, you can add calls to action, including links to other content or even your online calendar at the end of the video.  

Examples of how you could use Loom on social media include:

  • Introducing yourself
  • Announcing a new vacancy within your team
  • Showing off your new website, or a new addition to your website
  • Anonymously summarising a fantastic client meeting you’ve just had
  • Offering a walkthrough of how people can contact you or sign up to your newsletter
  • Informing your online audience of a fantastic achievement, such as a business anniversary or an award win.

#2: Replacing emails

Email can be a very effective way of communicating, but there are times when it just isn’t right.

A Loom video can replace an email, especially when:

  • It’s a long one. As we said, it’s quicker to record a short video than to write a long email
  • You need to get the tone right (something that’s notoriously tricky over email)
  • Sharing your screen will help you get a point across more effectively.

#3: Introducing yourself to prospective clients

When you book a prospective client in for an initial meeting you, or someone in your team, will no doubt send an email to confirm the meeting.

It’ll probably contain lots of practical information.

So, using a Loom video to introduce yourself and pass on that information will liven it up.

We’d recommend recording a new video for every prospect.

That’ll allow you to personalise the message and create an instant connection.

Plus, we can (almost) guarantee they won’t get that from any other adviser/planner they are considering as well as you.

#4: Marking special occasions

There might be times when you want to recognise an important date in a client’s calendar.

It could be a birthday, anniversary, or other personal milestone.

You could also use Loom to thank a client.

They might have recommended you to someone, acted as an advocate to help you land a new client, or done something as simple as sponsoring your latest charitable initiative.

Recording a video is an elegant way of recognising these occasions that’s guaranteed to make you stand out.

#5: Communicating quickly

As we explained in the webinar, there are times when it’s important to communicate quickly with your clients.

The obvious example is during periods of stock market volatility, but there are plenty of others.

You could write a blog or email, but recording a video will be just as quick, stands out and, because people can see you, creates a connection.

Record the video, send it by email, and then monitor the number of people who engage with it.

#6: Meeting follow-ups

At times during your relationship, clients are likely to face a deluge of paper.

You have two options here:

  1. Write a long email explaining what they need to do
  2. Record a short video showing them what they need to do.

The second will help you set yourself apart from competitors and be significantly more engaging.

#7: Showing clients how to use your portal

We regularly chat to advisers/planners who bemoan the low levels of client engagement on their portal.

There are many reasons why this might be the case but clients not understanding how to use the portal is pretty high up on the list.

So, to help, create a series of explainer videos showing them everything from:

  • How to log in
  • Its functionality
  • The benefits of using it.

These can then be rolled out over a series of weekly emails and used when onboarding new clients.

We’re going to take a dose of our own medicine here and soon will be producing short videos to show our clients how to use the Yardstick portal.

#8: Explaining common problems/tasks

It isn’t just your portal that can be explained by using Loom videos.

There will be other common questions your clients frequently ask.

So, instead of reinventing the wheel, record a library of explainer videos that you can call upon when necessary.

Again, it’ll save time, create a connection (or build on an existing connection) and make life easier for your client.

#9: Accompanying a written job advert

We’ve all read soulless job adverts that do little to communicate any passion or enthusiasm the recruiter has for the business.

With a video of yourself, this should shine through, giving the prospective recruit a far greater impression of you and the role they’re applying for.

#10: Maintaining team relationships

In this age of hybrid working, there’s no guarantee that all (or, indeed, any) of your team are going to be in the same place at the same time.

Some of the benefits of Loom that we’ve outlined above are just as useful for colleagues as they are clients.

Of course, asynchronous videos shouldn’t replace real interaction, whether that be in-person or remote.

However, the advantages of being able to record a video once, which can then be returned to at any time and as frequently as needed, shouldn’t be overlooked.

You could record:

  • Company-wide updates
  • Onboarding information for new recruits
  • How-to videos on key pieces of software.

Go on, give it a go

We know that recording video won’t come naturally to most advisers/planners.

It doesn’t to us either, but we force ourselves to do it because we know the benefits.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, click here to head to Loom, dive in, and then email to let us know how you get on.

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