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10 simple tips for improving call to actions in your blog

While a call to action (CTA) may just be a few words long, it’s an important part of your content. Spending time crafting the perfect CTA can help you get the most out of your blogs.

A CTA is crucial for signposting to readers what you want them to do next. Whether you would like them to give you a call, download a guide, or sign up for your newsletter, a good CTA can give readers a nudge to take this step.

Making CTAs a key part of your blog content can convert more readers into prospects or clients.

So, next time you’re writing content that’s going on your website, here are 10 things to consider when reviewing the CTAs.

1. Think about why you’re adding content

First, think about what it is you want readers to do – why are you spending time on the content, and what do you want it to achieve?

It’s a simple question that can help you write a CTA that’s more likely to lead to desirable actions and ensure that the content is right for your goals.

2. Make the benefits of taking the action the focus

While you may be writing content to achieve aims like prospects getting in touch or building up your mailing list, this shouldn’t be the focus when you’re writing a CTA, or any part of a blog.

Instead, focus on what they, as the reader, will get out of acting. Signing up for your newsletter will mean they have the latest financial news delivered regularly to their inbox. Or downloading a guide on retirement means they can better understand their options and take steps to plan their retirement with confidence.

3. Be clear about what action you want them to take

Use simple and direct language when crafting CTAs. Make it as clear as possible what you want them to do, as vague language could mean a reader misunderstands you or even overlooks the CTA entirely.

4. Make it as simple as possible to perform the action

Think about the steps the reader will have to perform to follow the action and make it as straightforward as possible.

If you want them to give you a call, include your phone number as part of the CTA. If they have to search for your contact page, they’re more likely to give up or get distracted by something else.

5. Use active language

The tone of the CTA matters, and where possible use an active voice.

In the active voice, the sentence’s subject performs the action. This way of writing places emphasis on the action and is more direct, so it can lead to better outcomes for your CTA.

6. Add in “power words”

A “power word” is used to describe a word that evokes an emotional response. Adding them to your content, including CTAs, can make your copy more effective.

“Please call us to put in place a financial plan” might encourage some people to reach out, but adding an extra word can mean it’s more impactful.

“Please call us to put in place a comprehensive financial plan” can give readers more confidence to pick up the phone and can demonstrate the authority and knowledge you have.

There are a huge number of power words you can use in your copy, from “mistake” to “celebrate”. Here is a list of more than 1,900 power words that could suit your CTA.

7. Consider where your CTAs should be placed

You often find CTAs at the end of a blog, and this is a good place for them. Someone that has read the blog in full is likely to be more interested in your services and to follow through with any action.

However, it’s not the only place they can go.

Adding relevant CTAs throughout your copy can provide more opportunities to sway the reader. So, the next time you’ve explained complex allowances, adding a short CTA to encourage readers to contact you if they’re still unsure how they work can be just as useful.

8. Less is sometimes more

While you may have several actions you want readers to perform, remember that sometimes less is more.

Too many competing CTAs can leave readers confused about what they should do or how you can help them. Keep in mind what you want to achieve with each piece of content and make this the focus of the CTAs.

9. Make the CTA stand out

A few simple clicks of the mouse can make your CTA stand out and boost the chances of it catching the eye of a reader.

Making your phone number bold or underlined, or adding a sub-heading takes just a moment and could really improve the effectiveness of your words.

10. Keep track of what works

Many things will influence how many people act on a CTA. In some cases, a timely blog that addresses an issue people are concerned about can lead to an increase in the number of people acting.

However, you should also keep track of which blogs have worked best for you and how CTAs were used. For example, are readers more likely to act if you provide them with further information to download? Are they more likely to get in touch if you suggest an email rather than a phone call?

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