TFP Financial Planning

In finding a suitable marketing agency, we completed a detailed due diligence process to help find that long term marketing partner. We met some wonderful people during this process, but there was something about Phil and Yardstick that was just the right fit. Phil’s passion for Financial Planning and the value this brings to a clients life was the deciding factor in selecting Yardstick and we haven’t ever looked back. Our project started from a blank sheet of paper with every option on the table, from full brand to just launching a new website. Phil and his team took the time to listen, probe and challenge myself and my team to make sure that they completely understood our business and what it is we wanted to achieve. It would be wrong to say that our project was simple and without any bumps in the road, in fact it has taken in excess of a year from start to finish and we have had the occasional false start. But what I would say is that Phil and his team have always been patient, attentive and have continuously remained focused on our ultimate goals. The best analogy I can give is that Yardstick’s process is very much the ideal financial planning process. It takes time, patience, a lot of hard work from both parties but the outcome is nearly always far beyond what you had originally envisioned. We have now completed our initial marketing project, but now our focus is very much on the future and continuing our work with the Yardstick team. We would all recommend Yardstick to any other financial planning firm who want to invest in the future of their business.

Casey Mills


Oundle and Stamford

We first approached Phil at the start of our journey in January, being a start-up company we felt that we really needed a website and a brand which was going to really help our clients understand who we were and what we could do for them.
From our initial conversation, we really felt that Phil's background in the financial industry would mean he would also understand the compliance around our business and ensuring at all times that the website would meet the compliance standards needed.

In March we met with Naomi & Dan for our discovery meeting. Until this day we did not have any idea of what we thought the website & our branding would look like. However by the end of the meeting Naomi & Dan had helped us and them get a real understanding of what we wanted.
Following this meeting Dan presented us with 8 choices of logo's and once we had chosen this, the brand and the website started to take shape.

Naomi kept us updated weekly, whilst Dan provided us with business cards and leaflet designs, e-mail signatures and design ideas for our client folders.

From our discovery meeting we set a completion date of the 1st of June and The Yardstick Agency kept to their word and had the website ready for this date.

We cannot thank Phil, Naomi, Dan and those that were involved in the background including Michael, for all the hard work that went into making Oundle & Stamford Mortgage Services branding and website.

We would recommend The Yardstick Agency to anyone in the industry who needs a refresh on their website or has a business just starting out as I can truly say they are professional from start to finish and have been a great support to us.

Emma & Andy O'Neill



We wanted to use a firm that had experience with financial planners and could convey our ethos to prospective clients viewing the website. Yardstick were efficient, creative and professional. We could not have asked for any more.

Gary Barnes

Financial Planner

Red Circle Financial Planning

“The Yardstick team really took great care and attention to discuss and understand what Red Circle does for clients how we wanted to communicate that to current and new clients. They worked hard with us to develop my vague ideas into a properly rounded message that succinctly conveys what we are about, how we look to work with clients and the value we can bring for them.

The process forced me to think hard about what I do, how I do it and how I communicate it, which has been a hugely rewarding and worthwhile exercise in itself.

The fact that I got a stunning website and the end is almost an added bonus.”

Darren Cooke

Chartered Financial Planner

Landmark Financial Planning

“Working with the Yardstick team was exactly what we needed. We knew we needed to update the website, and what we wanted to achieve from it, but didn’t know how to get there. Phil took the time to get to know us individually and the business as a whole, and our new website really reflects this. Working with a team that are specialists in our industry was invaluable, and the end result is exactly what we’d hoped for.”

Jade Taylor

Financial Planner

Clear Vision

"Working with Naomi and the team to action our new marketing strategy was a joy. Naomi was always responsive and kept us up to date with progress. The team have delivered a fantastic suite of marketing collateral that have already elicited positive comments from clients."

Matthew Aitchison

MD & Chartered Financial Planner

Neligan Financial

"I had previously set up my own website and managed it myself thinking I’d been saving a lot of money. What I discovered though was there was lots I didn’t know about effective websites. My site looked OK but it wasn’t really doing a good job: it wasn’t attracting enough of the right people and those that did visit didn’t stay for long.

Initially I thought about using a local firm but what attracted me to Yardstick was their unique insight into the financial planning profession. This focus meant they were able to provide a lot of experience and expertise to ensure an effective output. To start with we took a step back and considered my website in the context of a marketing plan. Phil and the team then advised other approaches to take beyond my website: Vouched For profile, Facebook campaign as well as local marketing, all of which they are also helping with.

In respect of the website, they have also produced a site that I’m really pleased with. It fits perfectly with my message and target market. They work collaboratively and are receptive to ideas which makes the outcomes unique to me rather than using off the shelf templates. If you want to see the finished website here it is: https://neliganfinancial.co.uk

Thanks Phil, Naomi and Gil (plus everyone else behind the scenes) for your help."

Andrew Neligan

Chartered Financial Planner

The Eternal Business Consultancy

"Depending on your choice of cultural references, it was either Voltaire, Roosevelt or Spiderman’s Uncle Ben who said “With great power comes great responsibility."

The launching of a new business these days often happens by way of the launch of the website. The design and layout of the site will have a massive impact on the success of the business. Have a rubbish home page, and no one is going to read that brilliant and incisive blog.

I needed a safe pair of hands, someone who would accept this responsibility for the website for my new business, The Eternal Business Consultancy. I found that in The Yardstick Agency.

Some of the excellence is subtle, such as the branding, which they developed, tying the look and feel of both my old business, Ovation Finance, and the cover of The Eternal Business book.

I think you’ll agree that the team at Yardstick exercised their considerable powers brilliantly!"

Chris Budd


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