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Client name: Investment Sense

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Client Date: May 2017

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Why did Investment Sense get in touch?

Since Pension Freedoms were introduced, they have added to the bewildering range of options available at retirement. Investment Sense wanted to give visitors to their website access to a free retirement guide that could be viewed online and downloaded locally.

How did we help?

The first step to creating the guide was writing the content in a way that would be engaging to anybody approaching retirement. At a touch over 8,000 words, the guide needed to give as much information as possible, but not be too overwhelming or daunting.

The next step was to design the downloadable guide in a way that complemented the visual identity of Investment Sense. Images were carefully selected, and the text was laid out in a way that could be easily read and understood. The result was a well-written, informative and beautifully designed guide that offers a great way to learn about retirement.

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