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Client name: IBoss

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Client Date: June 2017

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The story

Why did IBOSS get in touch?

Since 2008, IBOSS has grown into a popular outsourced investment solution with financial advisers and planners. They came to us so that we could transform their website into a coherent visual tool, worthy of the great solutions they offer to advisers and their clients.

IBOSS don’t deal directly with retail investors, so the website had to be clearly signposted and easy for visitors to know that they were in the right (and more importantly, wrong) place.

How did we help?

The IBOSS brand was already established and working well, so we worked exclusively on the website. After getting to know the team, we soon understood that the people both behind the scenes and working with clients were the main differentiator.

By combining a strong set of staff photographs with an engaging tone of voice, we designed a site that was easy to navigate and interesting to visit.

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