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You have questions? Carl has the answers

Carl RichardsIf you join The Fellowship, we’ve arranged with Carl for you to receive a bundle of 5 of his sketches (worth $500) for free.

We know some people will have questions about The Fellowship so, here’s Carl with some answers.

“Can you tell me more about the special offer you’ve agreed to with The Yardstick Agency?”

I want as many of you to benefit from The Fellowship as possible. So working with Yardstick in the UK made sense to us. They’ve selected a bundle of 5 sketches, not the obvious ones everyone chooses, either. When you join The Fellowship, you will also be able to unlock your bundle of sketches, worth $500, to use as you wish. It really is as simple as that.

“What is The Fellowship?”

The Fellowship is a 23-day experience designed to help you close the gap between your adviser dreams and your current reality. It’s hard-hitting, unapologetic, and 100% real. It includes an introduction, 21 Declarations for Real Financial Professionals, and a conclusion. It is a rethinking of what it means to be an adviser… of what being an adviser can actually look like. It is not a list of tactics. It’s a manifesto. Think of it as a confidence forge. In one side goes a less confident you, out the other comes a more confident you.

“Why did you make The Fellowship?”

I made The Fellowship because it needed to be made.


Because nothing else seems to work.

The potential for all of us as advisers to make a huge impact… to make the impact we always dreamed of making… is enormous. But all the workshops and courses and books in the world don’t seem to be helping nearly as much as we want them to. The Fellowship is my attempt to change that. But not by doing the same thing everyone else is doing and focusing on teachable tactics. Instead, The Fellowship focuses on mindset. The Fellowship is a new story, a new narrative, a new way to start thinking of ourselves and the value we provide.

“Why do you think The Fellowship is right for me?”

Because you told me! Maybe not you specifically, but people just like you. I know you want to change the world. I know you want to have a massive impact on your clients and your communities. The Fellowship will help you do that. That’s why it’s right for you.

“How many Declarations are there?”

21, of course. Because 21 was my number on my high school soccer team and used to be my favourite number… just kidding. I mean, that’s all true, but it’s not the reason. Honestly, I started with 28. But then I worked really hard to distil everything down until only the most important pieces remained. I distilled, cut, and combined until I couldn’t cut anymore, and the number that remained when I was done… 21.

“Can I unlock all 23 days at once?”

Short answer: no. Listen… I totally understand the desire, and I would have asked the same question. But my goal is to deeply change the way you see yourself and the work you do, and that takes time. You wouldn’t ask for all your courses at once at a five-star restaurant, would you? It pays to give things time to digest.

“Are there tactics, tips, tricks, hacks, and shortcuts?”

Nope. Those things are valuable, in fact, I built some super successful training programs that were all about those things… but that’s not what The Fellowship is about. The Fellowship isn’t about doing different, it’s about thinking different. It’s a shift in perspective, a change in consciousness. Tactics are easy, and most of the time you already know what you need to do. What’s difficult is creating a sea change in how you perceive yourself and your work. That’s the goal here. So no hacks and shortcuts, just distilled wisdom.

“Who gave Carl permission to decide what a Real Financial Professional is anyway?”

Glad you asked. I did. Yep. I gave myself permission to do that. Funny how that works. I just decided while on a panel at an FPA event that I was going to name the group of people I was hanging out with “The Secret Society of Real Financial Professionals.” It just came out of my mouth, and then it stuck.

“Why $500?”

I could have priced it anywhere between a hotdog and a Ferrari. On the hotdog end, maybe a million people would sign up, but then, what would they do with it? My guess is… not much. Free/cheap stuff tends to get thrown away. On the Ferrari side of things, I wouldn’t get nearly as many participants (and hence, impact) as I was hoping for. The whole Behavior Gap team has poured a lot of heart and soul (and yes, money) into this product. It is priced for impact. If $500 sounds like too much, or too little, it may not be for you. That’s ok. I promise, no hard feelings.

“Is there a money-back guarantee?”

Proudly… nope. Again, this is an intentional decision. Refunds are for people who want a way out. After you’ve gone through The Fellowship, you’ll have a lot of work on your plate. I need you, your clients need you, our whole industry needs you to rise to the occasion. The Fellowship is a community for the committed. There is no way out because we need you to be all in.

“What if I get sick or am travelling on a day?”

First… get better soon. Second, know that you have access to all the material in The Fellowship forever. If you miss a day, you can always go back and review. So, while you are enrolled for a session that has an open date, and we have some surprises in store for you based on what day you are in your session, you won’t miss anything that you can’t review later.

“Is there a Slack channel, Facebook Group, or a forum for me to chat with other Fellows?”

No. There are enough of those already. I am sure fellows that want to find each other and self-organize will, and that is cool! Doing it organically will be more meaningful, I promise. Besides, did I mention there will be dragon stickers? When you and another alum notice you’ve both got dragons on your bumpers… that’s your Slack channel. Around here, we’re more into secret handshakes than one more time-suck to clutter up our lives.

“How will this change me?”

Three ways.

  1. You’ll never doubt your value as a Real Financial Professional again.
  2. You’ll have the confidence you need to implement all the strategies and tactics you’ve learned over the years.
  3. Never again will you feel… alone. Because this is a community of the committed, and we are many.

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