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Yardstick launches partnership with Money Alive

Clients of The Yardstick Agency will now receive enhanced terms from Money Alive.

Money Alive helps financial advisers and planners save time, reduce risk and improve client engagement through its interactive video box sets explaining key financial topics.

The platform is highly innovative and unique in the financial services space. We believe it’s a great way of engaging with both existing clients and professional connections while accessing high-quality video content cost-effectively.

We’re delighted that we’ve partnered with Money Alive so our clients will:

  • Get 10% more credits as part of their subscription
  • Get access to the Money Alive marketing ‘bolt-on’


Currently, the box sets available cover topics such as:

  • Retirement income/Pension Freedoms
  • Final salary pensions
  • Income drawdown reviews
  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Long-term care

In the future, investment risk and Inheritance Tax (IHT) will be added.

Box-sets can be used to engage and educate existing clients. They are a fantastic tool for attracting and engaging potential new clients too.

Marketing bolt-on

The marketing ‘bolt-on’ includes:

Web forms for your website: Each box set comes with its own registration form to embed on your website or link to your digital campaigns. You’ll capture all leads with full GDPR contact permissions and registrants will receive access to their chosen box set straight away.

‘Refer a friend’ feature’: 98% of clients who use Money Alive value their adviser giving them access to it so they’ve added a ‘Refer a Friend feature’ to the platform. If enabled, clients completing their box set are emailed a link to send on to friends/colleagues giving them access to the same box set and generating the adviser an engaged prospect.

Video preview: The new Pension Freedoms box set comes with a 1-minute trailer video that advisers and planners can embed on their website and link to campaigns. The video sells the benefit of registering to view and all registrants are captured as leads with full GDPR contact permissions and given immediate access to the box set. This is a great way for firms to demonstrate to corporates they can reach and engage every member of a pension scheme and puts the adviser firmly in control of how they wish to respond to each of the leads generated. Create and triage your prospects!

Cost-effective video content

The cost of producing video content is often a huge barrier for advisers and planners. The Money Alive proposition removes this barrier and makes high-quality, impartial and engaging, videos, available in a cost-effective way.

Andy Kirby, Money Alive’s CEO said: “We are delighted to be working with The Yardstick Agency and their clients. With over 100,000 videos watched on the platform, over 98% of 2,000  viewers valued their financial planner giving them access to Money Alive. A subscription to the service can help advisers and planners save time, reduce risk, and provide valuable evidence of client engagement and understanding.”


If you’re a Yardstick agency client and would like to know more, please email or call 0115 8965 300.

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