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Why you should be using animation to make your business stand out in 2024

New year, new me? How about new year, new marketing, because I have a sneaky way to do just that. Whether it’s a logo, typography or data, animation transforms ordinary static images and allows them to thrive with life.

Animation isn’t just eye-catching, but a powerful tool for a business to convey its messages effectively. Unlike video, it can be easily updated to align with alterations in your brand and content, rendering it a cost-effective long-lasting marketing investment.

Moreover, it is highly shareable across social media platforms and websites, on various devices including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Meaning that in just a few clicks your content can be reached easily by your audience.

But why is it so effective in increasing engagement? Here are just a few reasons:


Using these techniques, animation is a great way to stand out and convey your message effectively. It can generate an emotional response that resonates with your audience and reinforces their connection to your brand memorably.

But what are your animating options?

  • An animated logo – in a crowded digital market, animation has the power to give your brand a new dimension and add a memorable narrative.
  • Website and landing page graphics – you can guide users through your site or highlight key information using animated illustrations or interactive elements.
  • Data visualisation – using movement to demonstrate data, charts, and graphs and give it more visual appeal and often make it easier to digest.
  • Training or onboarding videos – these materials can be a bit dull at times, let’s be honest! However, animation can help you effectively communicate these essential tasks in a more fun and interactive way.
  • Presentations and slide decks – animating key points, adding visual effects, and incorporating dynamic transitions can sometimes generate a more impactful and memorable delivery than static slides.
  • Social media or advertisements – you can create short animated videos or GIFs to grab attention and convey key messages about your brand, promotions, or upcoming events. These quick and eye-catching visuals have a higher chance of being noticed and shared, increasing your brand’s visibility and reach.
  • Marketing campaigns or informative videos – in just a couple of minutes, you can convey all sorts of information which can be shared on your social media, website, or sent to customers directly using an email link.

What information could you show? The list is almost limitless, but here are a few examples:

  • Introducing your newest team member
  • Advertise that you’re recruiting
  • Advertising a new product or service
  • An award win (example below)


  • Your latest review or client testimonials
  • Showing information through an animated infographic
  • Your press coverage, including the logo of the publication and your killer quote
  • Explainer videos (example below)


  • Your new website
  • Your thoughts on the latest hot topic
  • Your client survey results (example below)


It’s always important to tailor an animation to your specific marketing goals and target audience. And that’s where we are here to help! When bringing your vision to life, we will maintain consistency with your brand’s visual identity, tone of voice, and messaging, to help elevate your marketing.

Ready to make things move, or curious to hear more? Email or call 0115 8965 300.

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