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Why content marketing is more than a blog

If you’ve got a blog page, hopefully, you keep it regularly updated. Not only can you email that content to clients and prospects, creating a touchpoint with your brand and driving traffic to your website, but unique content also has a great search engine optimisation (SEO) benefit.

Google’s objective is to quickly deliver descriptive, reliable information. Unique blog content helps rank your website higher in the search results when your content matches the need of the user.

What does this mean for you?

You probably have a particular client profile or target audience you prefer to work with. That maybe people looking to retire, it could be business owners, but everyone is likely to be at a slightly different stage on the financial planning journey; some will have an immediate need, others might be doing speculative research.

Without relevant blog content to match their intent, these prospects simply might not see your website. Answering a topical question is a perfect way of doing this. Think about what potential clients might be Googling in the current climate, as this post from Sovereign IFA neatly demonstrates; What negative interest rates might mean for your finances.

Maximising your audience

Online client guides complement regular blog posts very well. More detailed content that solves a problem for your audience will maximise the likelihood of them organically finding you. Think along the lines of ’10 ways to retire early’ or ‘what to consider when looking at equity release’. Then you can neatly link them to the relevant services page on your site.

Using keyword research, you can determine how many people are searching for your relevant product/service then create content to match. This drives more appropriate traffic onto your site, but remember it’s as much about the quality of visitor as the quantity.

Consider a resources centre

Ideally, your content should be easily accessible, organised and provide a clear journey for the prospect, with an informative blog or guide ending with a call to action. A centralised resource centre, linked from the main navigation of your site, is an elegant solution. This can include, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Blogs
  • Guides
  • Videos
  • FAQs

A resource centre can benefit existing clients by providing useful information to complement their financial plan, but also as an acquisition method to attract prospects to your website.

Why is informational content so important?

Fundamentally, because Google ranks it differently to commercial content. A case study by Search Engine Land ultimately concluded that “observing this case is that the data strongly suggests that the informational content pages do indeed help the home page and category pages rank better for queries with commercial intent.”

However, it also:

  • Demonstrates your knowledge and expertise
  • Helps the reader make better financial decisions
  • Gives people a great reason to return to your website
  • Increases your overall brand visibility through targeting a wider set of search terms
  • Increases your site’s topical relevance, which may improve your commercial rankings

Diversifying your content

Whilst blogs in other professions are renowned for being somewhat opinionated and lower-quality content, that typically isn’t the case in financial services. Compliance sees to that!

Yes, you can and should include updates about the team, or business continuity updates in challenging times (being personable is very important), but remember your blog is intended to add genuine value to the reader.

One point to consider is that as blog posts are usually dated, it might only remain relevant to your audience (and therefore Google) for a limited amount of time. Ensuring your blog is regularly updated is key.

Guides and videos, by their very nature, tend to be significantly less time-sensitive. This evergreen content again demonstrates your expertise to clients and prospects, but it also lets Google know you are an expert in your field and a trustworthy source of information.

Don’t have the time?

High quality, informational content helps you rank higher for search terms with a lower commercial intent. Not everybody needing advice will search ‘financial planner near me’, on their voyage of discovery, they might simply search ‘the difference between a SIPP and a SSAS’.

If you don’t have the time, skill or inclination to write that content yourself, that is exactly what we’re here for. Equally, if you’re more interested in focusing on other areas of your financial planning business, we’re here to help with your writing and marketing.

Our team of professional writers can provide the engaging, relevant, and consistent content your clients, prospects and professional connections will love. Get in touch with us at or call 0115 8965 300 if you’d like to find out more.

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