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Where will you use your free sketches?

Carl RichardsI love visiting the offices of financial advisers and planners. There’s something special about seeing where the ‘magic’ happens.

I often walk in to be greeted by Carl’s sketches hanging in the reception area or meeting room. They are such a great way of:

  • Breaking the ice with a new client
  • Reminding existing clients of the fundamentals of financial planning and investing
  • Communicating your key messages

That’s why I’m delighted we’ve arranged for you to get 5 free sketches, worth $500, if you join The Fellowship. This bundle of sketches has been carefully chosen to deliver key messages. They aren’t the most common of Carl’s sketches, either. In fact, I don’t remember ever seeing any of the 5 we’ve selected on the walls of a planner’s office.

That got me thinking, apart from your office walls, where else could you use your free sketches? Here are three ideas:

Your website

Using the sketches on your website will make an interesting alternative to tired stock images while delivering important messages to people who visit the site. They could be added to your homepage or to other popular pages. They are a great way of illustrating your beliefs and values too. We’ve even animated one of the sketches before and included it on the homepage of the planner’s website.

Your introductory presentations

That first meeting sets the tone for your long-term relationship with a client. I know many advisers and planners who use the first meeting to explain their planning and investing ethos. Why not include the free sketches in your presentation to illustrate key points in a thought-provoking and unusual way?

Your blogs

We love Carl’s sketches because they provoke discussion and debate. So, why not write a blog exploring the key themes of each of the free sketches? These could be published as a series, added to your website, sent to your clients and prospects in a newsletter, and promoted on social media.

Of course, there’s no better conversation starter than the sketches, so don’t forget to hang them on the walls of your reception area and meeting rooms too!

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