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What should financial advice firms share on social media?

We all know that social media has become an important part of marketing and engaging with clients. With two-thirds of the UK’s population active on social media platforms, it’s a marketing tool that can help you reach existing clients and attract leads.

But once you’ve set up your profiles, what should you be posting on them?

1. Business updates and team news

Social media is a simple way to put out company updates and reach multiple clients. From changing business hours to sharing office news to add that human touch, social media platforms give you a way to connect with clients.

It can help serve as a useful reminder that you’re there for them, keep clients in the loop and offers the potential to generate referrals too. The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown measures, which lead to traditional face-to-face meetings being cancelled is a great example of how business updates can reassure clients. Louis previously explained why social media was so important as restrictions changed working practices.

2. Blog posts

Hopefully, you’re posting regularly to your blog or company news pages. You might be sharing these posts through regular newsletters to your clients and prospects. But you should be promoting them on social media too.

A social media post is a chance to nudge existing clients towards a post they may have missed or overlooked in previous communications. However, it’s also a chance to reach a far bigger audience. Crafting content that’s engaging and interesting can help you generate leads, including through social media shares.

Don’t be afraid to post content that’s ‘old’ either, especially if it’s relevant. You may have written a blog post last year about the pension triple lock, for example. Given the current media attention on whether it will be scrapped, reposting a link to a blog that explains what it is can still gain traction.

3. Relevant news stories

Your social media feed shouldn’t be all about you though. Posting carefully selected new stories, such as sharing updates about finance, can add value to your followers. The recent Summer Statement is an excellent example of this. If you didn’t write your own blog post on the announcements made and what it meant for financial plans, sharing a link can deliver useful information to your clients.

Before sharing a link to other sources though, ask if it’s relevant to your client base and be mindful of the source – is it reliable and trustworthy?

4. Lifestyle links

While we’re on the subject of sharing curated links, don’t keep it all about financial news and updates either. The occasional lifestyle link can freshen up your feed and capture the interest of your followers.

When a client first approaches you, it might be with questions about pensions or investments, but typically they’ll have lifestyle goals driving these questions too. When you’re putting a financial plan in place, these will be driving the advice you give, so it’s worth capturing some of these aspirations in your social media updates too.

Again, make sure shared links are from a trusted source.

5. Client stories and testimonials

You shouldn’t fill your social media channels with sales pitches, but the odd bit of self-promotion should be a core part of your posts.

Rather than talking about what you can do for clients, letting existing clients do the talking for you can help boost your profile. If you have client stories on your website, whether written or videos, these can help demonstrate the value you add to clients’ lives, rather than selling products.

If a client sends you a ‘thank you’ filled with praise, these can be used as useful testimonials too. When you’re using testimonials on your social media and website, you should keep these six avoidable mistakes in mind to get the most out of them.

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