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We need your help with Unbiased

We often recommend that financial advisers and planners use Unbiased as part of a wider marketing strategy. However, we’ve heard mixed things about Unbiased in 2019; some advisers and planners love it, generating a significant return on investment, others though have reported that enquiry numbers have fallen.

We want to understand the truth.

To do that we’ve run our directory survey in previous years. However, the propositions of Unbiased and VouchedFor have now diverged so significantly that we don’t feel the survey is the best way to understand the results being achieved.

Instead, we’d rather take data directly from Unbiased accounts. So, over the Christmas break, we’ll be analysing those we have access to. Among other things, we’ll consider:

  • The average number of enquiries produced each month
  • Trends; for example, are the number of enquiries and searches on Unbiased increasing or decreasing?
  • Best practice; what are the most successful accounts doing and how can you improve your returns from Unbiased?

We’ll publish the report early in the new year and make it available for everyone free of charge.

We need your help

We’d like the data set to be as wide as possible, which is where we need your help. If you use Unbiased, would you be prepared to grant us access to your account?

You have our assurance that:

  • Your data will be treated confidentially
  • We will only use your data as part of the wider set
  • We will not refer specifically to your firm in the final report

All we need is a quick email with your account number and password, which of course we would treat confidentially. The more Unbiased accounts we have access to, the better the survey results will be.

If you are willing to help us, please drop me an email to

I’d like to thank all those who have already supported us and thank you in advance for considering our request.

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