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Unbiased & VouchedFor survey update & important news for Chartered firms

Our 2017 survey has got off to an excellent start, but we still need as many advisers and planners from Chartered firms as possible to respond.

IfUnbiased and VouchedFor Survey you haven’t had time to complete the survey yet, I’d be very grateful if you could spare us three minutes (that’s all it takes) to answer the simple questions.

Why not demonstrate your multi-tasking skills?

  • Next time the kettle is boiling, take the survey on your phone
  • Next time you are on hold to a provider, the survey will be a welcome distraction to the terrible ‘on hold’ music you are forced to listen too
  • When you’re waiting for a meeting to arrive, and they are running late; pass the time with the survey

I’m not above emotional blackmail either: If you have found any of our resources (guides, reports and checklists) handy, over the past few months. You could consider repaying us by, you guessed it, completing the survey.

In all seriousness, the results and best practice white paper which we’ll publish after the survey closes will help advisers improve the returns they get from the directories. Each and every response is therefore crucial.

Chartered firms logos & a free checklist

You may, or may not know, that the CII is changing the Chartered firms chartered checklist

You can see the new logos by clicking here. Thankfully, the CII has not set a date by when you need to update your stationery, website and office livery, but it will need doing at some point.

At the same time, it makes sense to review how effectively you are promoting your Chartered firms status. Research we have carried out (which you can read by clicking here) shows that most firms aren’t doing this particularly well.

We have therefore prepared a handy checklist to help Chartered firms and advisers better promote their elevated status. You can download it by clicking the link.

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