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‘Tis the season for email marketing: Why you shouldn’t miss out

As the holiday spirit weaves its magic, financial advisers and planners, it’s time to don your elf hats and jingle all the way into the world of email marketing – because who knew it could be your secret sleigh ride to success?

So, gather ’round the digital fireplace, as we unwrap the festive benefits of email marketing during this holly, jolly season (and, honestly, all year round).

? Gift #1: Stay top of mind

During the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s easy for your clients to become distracted by the festivities. By sending out well-timed, informative emails, you can ensure that you remain top of mind when they’re considering their financial plans for the upcoming year.

? Gift #2: Share seasonal financial tips

Christmas and New Year is a time when people often reflect on their financial goals. Offer your clients and prospects some helpful seasonal financial advice in your emails.

Whether it’s budgeting for gifts, maximising tax benefits, or setting New Year’s financial resolutions, your expertise can guide them. And, if you need a hand on the writing, take a look at our beautifully wrapped packages here.

? Gift #3: Reflect on the year

Take this opportunity to reflect on the financial achievements and challenges of the past year. Share a year-in-review email or add an introduction to your regular newsletter summarising market trends, economic developments, and how your clients’ investments performed.

This not only demonstrates your expertise but also fosters transparency and trust.

? Gift #4: Personalise your greetings

Personalisation is key to successful email marketing.

Use your clients’ names and reference their specific financial goals and interests in the blogs you write. A personalised greeting shows that you genuinely care about them and their financial wellbeing.

? Gift #5: Showcase your expertise

Turn those Christmas lights on your expertise! Your emails are the dazzling display where you can share insights on investment opportunities, retirement planning, and nifty strategies for saving during the holidays.

Position yourself as a trusted financial adviser/planner who can navigate the complex financial landscape.

? Gift #6: Provide peace of mind

‘Tis the season to be stressed? Not on your watch! The holiday season can be stressful for many, especially when it comes to finances. Use your emails to reassure clients about their financial wellbeing, addressing any concerns they might have. Offering peace of mind during this time can strengthen client relationships.

? Gift #7: Promote year-end reviews

Encourage clients to schedule year-end financial reviews with you. Use email to highlight the importance of assessing their financial goals and making any necessary adjustments before the year concludes. It’s a proactive way to set the stage for a successful financial future.

? Gift #8: Spread some festive cheer

Don’t forget to inject a little holiday cheer into your emails! Share festive messages, holiday-themed graphics, or even a heartwarming holiday story. Adding a personal touch can create a positive emotional connection.

Need a hand spreading festive cheer?

Phew! That was quite the unwrapping marathon, but no worries – no one burnt the turkey here! The Christmas season is your stage to strengthen bonds, offer insights, and provide peace of mind. Unwrap the gift of email marketing and sleigh your way into a prosperous new year.

Feeling a bit like a lost reindeer in the email marketing snowstorm? Fear not! Reach out and discover the magic of Yardstick Membership packages at or have a merry chat with our elves at 0115 8965 300. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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