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The science of making time: 3 tips for fitting writing into your busy working day

Influenced by the movement of oceans and its molten core, the Earth is currently spinning faster than it has in half a century. The average day in 2021 will be 0.05 milliseconds shorter than usual.

The year will be so short that the UK’s National Physics Laboratory suggests a negative leap second might be needed to get us back on track.

If you have resolved to make 2021 your year for producing regular blog content, your time just became even more precious.

Here are three ways to make more time for writing this year.

1. Diarise your writing time… and stick to it

Scientists at the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) can calculate the length of a day by measuring the moment a specific star passes a certain location.

If you’re scheduling time to write, you can probably make do with a desktop calendar or set a recurring alarm.

At this time of year, we talk a lot about the need to turn behaviours into habits. If you want your new writing routine to stick, setting a regular time aside when you can be free of distractions is crucial.

Turn off all unnecessary electronic devices, or at least mute notifications, and do all you can to commit to the time you have.

Be realistic too. Failing to meet unworkable targets could negatively impact your willpower. Aim to free up small chunks at first and build on these as the habit forms.

2. Keep track of good ideas on the move

One of the most advanced timekeeping devices in the world is known as Yb-2. Andrew Ludlow, the physicist responsible for its precision engineering has referred to it as “the Lamborghini of atomic clocks.” He’s right to be pleased with himself.

The device is so accurate that if it was set ticking at the birth of the universe (around 13 billion years ago), it still wouldn’t have lost a second. In fact, if you wanted to hang around until it did, you’d need to wait another seven billion years.

Accurate then, but not very portable – it currently occupies an entire room of Ludlow’s Colorado lab.

Thankfully, you need only carry a notepad with you, or an electronic device that you can write or record notes onto.

With multiple commitments vying for your attention, and with only a small chunk of time set aside for writing, you need to turn up to your desk prepared. Ideally, that means having ideas formulated and conclusions drawn, but that won’t always be the case.

Jotted titles, audio notes-to-self, and links to websites could be exactly what you need to kickstart your writing time and make it as productive as possible.

3. Make double use of your time

With too few hours (or microseconds) in the day, you might fool yourself into thinking you can simply work faster. Go fast enough, and time dilation – a prediction of Einstein’s theories of relativity – might even result in time slowing down for you. At least relative to an observer.

If this isn’t practical (and it isn’t) be sure to make double use of your time.

You know your clients best, so employ your blog content or testimonial videos to answer the questions you know they already have.

Client’s with overseas residences? Write about Brexit. Retirees? A guide to decumulation. Upload a tax year-end blog at the start of a new year and you’ll pre-empt client concerns, helping them get on track early, and freeing up your time come March.

Remember that your web content isn’t separate from your clients and the work you do for them, but an extension of it.

And that’s where we come in.

The Yardstick Agency can help you make time in 2021

Regular content helps increase potential traffic to your site and allows you to connect directly with clients and prospects, keeping them informed and updated.

If you intend to upload web content or send newsletters this year (and we strongly believe you should!), you might struggle to find the time.

Our dedicated team of content writers can help. Working alongside you, we can create bespoke content that speaks directly to your clients, addressing their concerns, and freeing you up to do the important job of looking after their financial plans.

If you would like to find out more about how Yardstick’s team of content writers could help you, get in touch with us at or call 0115 8965 300.

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