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Take our new FREE scorecard to get more referrals from existing clients

Let’s start this week with three facts about referrals and recommendations:

  1. They’re the best type of new enquiry (they have a higher conversion rate and lower cost of client acquisition than other enquiry types).
  2. 95.44% of advisers/planners want more recommendations from existing clients (Source: The Yardstick Agency 2023 Referral & Recommendation Survey).
  3. 85% of clients have never been asked by their adviser/planner for a recommendation.

Of course, as I explained recently in my Money Marketing column asking clients for referrals and recommendations is the wrong approach.

Instead, firms need a comprehensive referral and recommendation strategy based on:

  • Data
  • Nurturing
  • Education
  • Appreciation
  • Communication.

Unfortunately, most firms don’t have a strategy in place, which means they spend more money on marketing and work less efficiently.

We’re here to help with our latest FREE scorecard: Are you doing the right things to maximise the referral and recommendation opportunity?

  • 5 minutes
  • 18 quick-fire questions
  • Personalised results and recommendations sent to your inbox.

Click here to take the scorecard now.

When you’ve completed the scorecard, you’ll be left with a list of practical actions you can take that’ll improve the number of referrals and recommendations you receive from existing clients.

If you’d like our help implementing the ideas, or you have questions about the scorecard, email or call 0115 8965 300.

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