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Superman: Here are 3 useful marketing lessons from the Man of Steel

Superhero films have dominated cinema for the past two decades. Yet, their legacy stretches back far further than that across a wide range of media – all the way back to the genre’s humble beginnings in the pages of old comic books.

Superhero stories and imagery have been woven into the cultural consciousness for the better part of a century. You might have grown up with a favourite hero of your own, or have a child or grandchild who is obsessed with the likes of Batman, Iron Man, or Spider-Man.

For me, it’s always been the “Last Son of Krypton” – Superman!

Superman was first published in 1938, predating even the second world war, and gave rise to the superhero genre’s popularity. Even if you’re not a fan, you’ll still probably find yourself acutely familiar with his bold colours, memorable monikers, and the symbol emblazoned across his chest.

There is a lot that can be learned from superheroes about effective marketing.

Here are three simple marketing lessons you can learn from my hero, Superman, that might help you improve your client outreach.

1. Words have power – don’t underestimate the ability of written content to engage your clients

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

The fact that you probably instinctively completed that sentence shows how memorable words have a way of ingraining themselves in your mind.

While Superman has an array of God-like powers, the ability he often relies on to help people or resolve conflicts is his gift with words. Simply put, words have power.

Superman will be returning to the cinemas in 2025 in James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy film, as part of a rebooted and more upbeat DC cinematic universe. The comic that inspired the film, All-Star Superman, features a sequence in which Superman arrives on a rooftop to help a distressed young woman who is threatening to jump.

Superman doesn’t resolve the situation with a superhuman punch or his super speed. He simply takes the time to sit with the woman on that rooftop, understand her problems, and let her know that someone is there for her and is listening.

He uses his words to inspire hope and to give her reassurance. Ultimately, she collapses into his arms in tears and agrees to get help.

Well-written content – whether it be delivered through guides, articles, or a regular newsletter – can help you engage with your clients by discussing issues that are important to them. It can help you let them know you’re there for them and understand the problems they might be facing.

2. Symbols carry meaning – human beings are visual creatures, so don’t neglect your brand’s design

Superheroes are memorable because they’re eye-catching. Their outfits and symbols capture your attention and help sell the spirit and ideology behind the hero in visual form.

After all, human beings are naturally visual creatures. We absorb a lot of the world through our eyes, as well as how we picture things in our mind’s eye. Imagery and colours can evoke memories, feelings, and subconscious cues in us.

If you were presented with a canvas decorated simply with a heavy splash of a certain shade of blue, a bit less red, and a dash of yellow and were asked what comes to mind, I’m fairly confident that Superman would feature among your answers.

Superman’s iconic colours evoke positivity, hope, and a sense of old-school “Americana”. The yellow in the famous “S” on his chest harks back to the sheriffs of the Old West and a sense of justice. His whole design is meant to inspire and present a message of hope.

It is important that you don’t neglect your own brand’s design. It is likely to give potential clients their first impression of you.

You should think long and hard about the colours you choose, your logo design, and how your marketing materials and website are presented. What are the first thoughts or feelings your clients will have when they see them? How do you want them to think and feel?

Remember: your brand’s design is your first opportunity to sell yourself and your ideals to clients.

3. Know your Kryptonite – everyone has weaknesses, you don’t need to do it all by yourself

Nobody is perfect, even Superman. His weakness to the bright green mineral, Kryptonite, is well-known. However, beyond that, he is just a man and is fallible. He makes mistakes aplenty.

But that’s okay. The key to overcoming weaknesses and learning from past mistakes is to identify them and be confident enough to seek out help if you need it.

In marketing, apathy can be Kryptonite. The effectiveness of your outreach can suffer if you don’t take the time to:

  • Work on your brand
  • Develop high-quality content
  • Perform regular reviews
  • Maintain consistent contact with your client base.

You may find you’re great at getting your ideas across in writing, but don’t have an eye for design. You may know how you want your brand presented, but don’t have the technical skills to make it happen.

Superman might be a powerful individual, but he rarely goes it alone.

He relies on his friends and confidantes to come to his aid if he is weakened by Kryptonite. He overcomes his greatest foes with the help of other heroes, such as the Justice League. He seeks out guidance and advice in times of trouble through the words of his adoptive and biological fathers, Jonathan Kent and Jor-El.

It’s okay to reach out for help to ensure your firm is presented to your clients in the best possible way. So, you can become the hero they turn to in their time of need.

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