Strategy to data, Google to generating referrals; top tips to improve your marketing

Strategy to data, Google to generating referrals; top tips to improve your marketing

Written by on 06/06/19

I’ve been presenting at the Nucleus Illuminate Live events this week, it’s been an intense but hugely enjoyable few days with three presentations per day in Belfast, London and then Birmingham. Next week we’ll be in Bristol, Leeds and Glasgow. You can still register for these events by clicking here.

My presentation gives 12 practical tips on how advisers and planners can market their business more effectively. We begin by considering the importance of strategy and data, moving on to look at the need to build social proof and how to generate more referrals from existing clients.

These are all topics I’ve covered in my monthly Nucleus blog. If you’ve missed these articles this week is the perfect opportunity to share them with you.

Please have a browse and click the links below. I hope you find them useful.

  How to set marketing goals that really deliver

The foundations of a great marketing strategy

Why you need a marketing strategy (and not one-off tactics)

How data can shape and inform your business decisions

Do you know if your marketing is working?

What’s stopping clients from referring you to others?

Three marketing wins which are often overlooked

Five jobs to do before you start your new website development

Why page one of Google shouldn’t be the holy grail

10 tips for securing referrals from professional connections

Being different: What’s really needed to appeal to prospects

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