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Revealed: The results of our Unbiased & VouchedFor survey

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We are delighted to launch our 2017 Unbiased and VouchedFor financial guide; containing the results of our survey, alongside a handy checklist to help advisers and planners improve their returns.

The survey was completed by over 400 advisers; thank you if you took the time to complete it! The answers offer a fascinating insight into the opinions of advisers, as well as the opportunity to compare with last year’s results.

The financial guide is free (no paywalls or requests for email address or personal information) and can be downloaded, or read online, by clicking here.

The report contains:

• The results of our survey

• A comparison between 2016 and 2017’s results

• Reaction from Unbiased & VouchedFor

• Checklists, to help you to improve your profiles and boost return on investment

The survey results are fascinating and reveal, among other things:

• Which directory produces the most enquiries each month

• The average cost of enquiries• Adviser conversion rates

• The levels of satisfaction among advisers

• The future plans of advisers; how many will cancel their subscriptions over the coming months?

• The reasons why nearly 40% of advisers use neither directory

I’d like to thank both Unbiased and VouchedFor for their co-operation and taking the time to add their (unedited) comments to the financial guide. As well as Sense Network for their support.

I hope you find, especially the checklist, useful. I welcome your feedback, please do drop me a line at or leave a comment at the end of the guide.

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