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New from Yardstick: An online scorecard to reveal whether you’re impressing potential clients on their digital journey to your door

NOTE: Don’t fancy reading the blog and want to skip straight to the scorecard? Click here to answer 20 quick-fire questions and find out if you’re impressing potential clients online.

Over the past few weeks, our blogs have focused on social proof.

You’ve learnt:

It all begs the question; why do you need social proof?

The answer is simple: to impress potential clients on their digital journey to your door.

I know that might sound like a load of marketing guff, but it really isn’t. Here’s a quick story to prove the point.

Jane is 65, and she’s out with a couple of friends on a Friday evening. The subject of retirement comes up. Jane explains that she’s been thinking of retiring for some time but doesn’t understand pensions and needs to find a financial adviser.

She turns to her friends for a recommendation and both suggest a different adviser. Jane writes their details down, pops the note into her pocket, and enjoys the rest of her evening.

The next day, Jane reflects on the night before. She doesn’t want to contact both advisers, so decides to look them up online before deciding who to try first.

The first adviser has:

  • One Google review
  • No reviews anywhere else
  • A website that looks like it was built at the turn of the century.

The second adviser has:

  • 30 Google reviews, with replies to each of them from the adviser
  • 50 reviews on VouchedFor, again with each receiving a reply
  • An impressive website, including pictures of the adviser and their team, plus videos of clients explaining how they help people like Jane.

So, who does Jane send her email to?

The first adviser? Nope.

The second adviser? Of course that’s where she started.

And this story (partly) explains why most people who are recommended to an adviser/planner never actually get in touch.

To cut to the chase, you have to impress prospects when they look you up online.

So, how are you doing?

20 questions in 3 minutes to discover how impressive you are online

This week, you can find something new. An online scorecard that will tell you:

  • If you’re impressing potential clients online
  • Where your social proof is strong
  • Where can it be improved.

The scorecard:

  • Is free
  • Only asks 20 quick questions
  • Takes 3 minutes to complete.

You’ll get your results instantly on the screen too.

So, click here to take the scorecard and learn how well you’re doing!

Once you have the results, if you need our help to plug any gaps, get in touch by emailing or calling 0115 8965 300.

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