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Introducing our 2024 Referral and Recommendation Survey – we want to hear from you

We want to understand more about the approach you take to referrals and recommendations from existing clients, so we’re excited to launch our 2024 survey.

And to express our gratitude for your participation, we have three special rewards waiting for you.

Here’s what we’d like you to do

Give us five minutes of your time to answer eight questions. They’re quick-fire and simple.

There’s no need for you to look up any detailed information.

3 benefits as a “thank you” for taking part

To say thank you for completing the survey, you will get:

  • The results before everyone else
  • Early access to our updated referral and recommendation scorecard
  • An exclusive invite to our follow-up webinar packed with useful tips to help you get more referrals and recommendations.

The only way you can get access to the webinar is by completing the survey.

Take the quick survey now and benefit from some great tips

Click here to take the survey.

As we said, it’ll only take five minutes to complete.

In return, you’ll benefit from access to some great information that will help you get more referrals and recommendations from existing clients (which, as we know, are the best type of new enquiry!)

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