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How animation can transform your marketing and increase your website traffic

With unlimited content at our fingertips, it’s become vital to grab the attention of your audience and keep hold of it long enough to engage them.

So, if a single picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what animation can do for your marketing.

It’s eye-catching, efficient and, in just the first few seconds, you have the chance to convey your brand’s identity, leaving a lasting impression through moving imagery, text, music, and audio.

Still not convinced? Take a look for yourself…


Just like that, you saved having to read my whole blog by simply watching a short video while you sat back and enjoyed your coffee.

The list of things you can animate are almost limitless. Some examples include:

  • Newest team member
  • That you’re recruiting
  • An award win (example below)

  • Your client survey results (example below)


  • Your latest review or testimonial
  • Your press coverage, including the logo of the publication and your killer quote
  • Your new website
  • Your thoughts on the latest hot topic

Ways to use animations:

  • On your website, scatter them around so your visitors see them as they wander round your website looking at their chosen pages
  • On social media, they make an eye-catching alternative to a stock image
  • Include them in your newsletter, again to make an eye-catching alternative to static images.

To find out how we can help you stand out through animation, email or call 0115 8965 300.

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