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From awareness to action – interview #2: An overlooked benefit of Unbiased

In our new series, ‘Awareness to action’, we’ve started to interview the clients of financial advisers and planners. We want to understand the steps they took in their journey to their adviser/planner’s door.

The lessons from these interviews will help all financial advisers and planners improve their marketing.

You can click here to read the first interview with Duncan, a client of Darren Cooke’s. In this second interview, we speak to Luke, now a client of Fotis Joannou at Sentient Wealth Management.

Why did Luke need advice?

Luke had various pensions, which were “all over the place” and wanted advice on whether he should consolidate them.

He started his search in November 2019 and said to us that he wanted an adviser who was both local and independent.

How did Luke find Fotis?

Luke’s journey started with a Google search for independent financial advisers close to him. That took him to Unbiased, where he continued his search and found Fotis.

Did Luke search for Fotis online before getting in touch?


After finding Fotis on Unbiased, Luke then conducted further searches on Google. From there he went to the Sentient Wealth Management website. Luke commented that he had confidence in the website.

Did Luke notice Sentient Wealth Management’s Google reviews?


Luke told us he “certainly took the positive Google reviews into account.”

Did Luke consider any other financial advisers/planners before getting in touch with Fotis?


Luke didn’t feel the need to contact other financial advisers/planners after seeing Fotis’ website and his location.

How did Luke get in touch with Fotis?


What can we learn from Luke’s journey?

Unbiased is often rightly criticised by financial advisers and planners. However, Luke’s journey demonstrates one of its hidden benefits. Prospects will often search on Unbiased, find a potential adviser/planner and then head to Google to conduct further research and due diligence. Once satisfied, they will then make direct contact with the chosen adviser/planner rather than heading back to Unbiased.

That’s exactly what Luke did.

Fotis’ presence on Unbiased, his visibility online plus his impressive website and Google reviews meant that Luke got in touch and eventually became a client of Sentient Wealth Management.

Can you help us?

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If you’ve enjoyed our blogs and content over the years, please email if you would be happy for us to interview a client you’ve recently taken on.

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