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Choosing your business name just got a bit easier

Checklist-4-cover-CTAStarting a new business is a tremendously exciting time. I love that feeling of anticipation and nervous excitement as you embark on a journey, not knowing where it will take you. One of the most challenging aspects though is deciding on the name and subsequent branding.

You might get lucky and quickly stumble upon the perfect name. More likely though, it’ll take hours of thinking, scribbling and online searches before you come up with something you and your team are happy with.

That was certainly the case when we launched The Yardstick Agency. It was a long process, with the deadlock only broken when we found the Steve Jobs quote on which our name is based.

I recently wrote about the naming dilemma, which equally applies if you are rebranding your business, in Money Marketing.

You can read that article in full by clicking here.

A little freebie to help you with branding

If you’re starting your own advice firm, or rebranding an existing business, our latest checklist will take you through the key steps you need to follow.

You can download it by clicking here.

We hope you find it useful.

Of course, we are here to help too. We’ve worked on several naming and branding projects this year and would be very happy to discuss your requirements. Give us a call on 0115 815 7770 or drop me a line to

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