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Boost your blog’s conversion rate today with an irresistible call to action

Some people have all the luck, don’t they?

You know those jammy friends – you can probably bring one to mind now – who just seem to enjoy opportunity after opportunity.

I have a friend like this, and it’s always baffled me how he manages to get away with so much. Does he just have the gift of the gab? Is he annoyingly lucky? Maybe, but there is one thing I’ve noticed that gets him much further than most.

He is the one who asks for what he wants.

Really simple, but how many of us frequently and unapologetically ask for what we want?

This revelation applies to marketing your business just as much as it applies to life more generally.  It’s the reason the call to action is such a crucial part of your content strategy, because it’s the bit where you ask the reader if they’d like to speak to you about working together.

But be honest, how often have you left this off your blogs because you were afraid of what your reader might think?

If you’ve ever done this, read on to discover why the call to action might be one of the most underrated parts of a blog for your business and for your readers.

A blog without a call to action is like a party invitation without a location

You wouldn’t plan a party then refuse to tell everyone where it’s happening – but that’s sort of what you’re doing when you publish great content without a call to action.

The blogs you write should help your readers to understand their finances and how to solve the problems they’re experiencing. Done well, the blogs will show your reader that you and your firm are real experts in this subject and can help them to overcome their problems and achieve their dreams.

Who wouldn’t want to follow up and learn more?

But by ending your blogs without any encouragement to get in touch you’re letting all of that intrigue disappear. Just like your party guests, those prospects will never have the chance to show up, all because you were too shy to ask them.

Don’t be afraid to seem “sales-y”

The most common reason I hear from clients about why they haven’t included a call to action on their blogs before is because it feels “sales-y”.

Having taken the time to write an informative and helpful blog, the switch from giving value to asking your reader to subscribe or book a call can feel like a bit of a jump in tone.

In the worst-case scenario, you might be worried that it could scare someone off from approaching you.

The thing is, while your blogs should absolutely give value and help your reader, you need to remember that you can give even more value and help them to a much greater degree if they decide to actually work with you.

Provided your call to action is relevant to the blog you’ve written and clear about how you could help, it’s highly unlikely that it will put your reader’s nose out of joint. Quite the opposite in fact: the right people will be excited to speak to you about how you can help them to plan an exciting future and to finally stop worrying about their finances.

3 steps for writing an irresistible call to action

If you’re ready to start seeing more of your blog readers popping into your inbox as prospects, follow these steps to ensure your call to action is a no-brainer for them.

  1. Keep it clear and simple

Confused people don’t tend to take any action, so keep your instructions very easy to follow. Avoid giving multiple options – like booking a call and joining your email list – and instead ask them to do one thing.

  1. Explain why this will help your reader

Your reader will want to know why they should do what you are asking – what’s in it for them?

If they’ve read to the end of your blog, chances are the topic affects them personally. So if the blog was about reducing Inheritance Tax liability, for example, mention that you can help them with this in the call to action. This gives them a very compelling reason to contact you.

  1. Make sure it’s easy to do

People are busy, so they’re unlikely to take the time to click through several different web pages or type out an email address in full. Instead, add hyperlinks on the important words to help the reader to go straight to the relevant information.

You can read more about best practice with using hyperlinks in Adam’s blog on our website.

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