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The best of 2017: Our 3 most popular blog articles

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s only natural to look back over the past few months. As you might have noticed, we wholeheartedly believe in the value of producing and distributing great content in the form of finance blogs.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s:

  • Written
  • Filmed
  • Recorded

Content that is relevant, interesting and adds value should be central to the marketing strategy of every adviser and planner.

Consistency is vital too. That’s why come rain or shine, our finance blogs will land in your inbox every Friday morning at 7.30. If you miss it, you will get a gentle reminder the following Tuesday.

It’s important to review your content too; what’s working (do more of this), what isn’t (do less of this, or change it up­) and what else could you add in to the mix?

On that note, we’ve looked back over the past 12 months to understand which were our three most popular finance blogs.

We hope you find these, and our weekly emails useful.

Until next time…

Revealed, the five pages you shouldn’t include on your website

This blog saw us get on our soapbox to reveal the pages that advisers and planners should never include on their website.

We also revealed the pages that your website visitors may actually want to read.

If you’ve not reviewed your website for a while, this blog is the ideal place to start.

6 must-see examples of great content by advisers

As we’ve said once or twice this year: content is king.

In this article we showcased six websites which provide great written content for their visitors.

If you’re one of the many advisers struggling to write content, these sites will provide you with much needed inspiration.

27 things your website should have on its homepage

The first of our free checklists will help you make a great first impression on visitors to your website.

Again, if your website hasn’t been reviewed for a while, or your visitors aren’t hanging around for long (Google Analytics will give you this information) then this checklist is a must.

How many can you tick off?

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