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Are you making these 2 mistakes with your website’s testimonial page?

Social proof is one of the key ways to differentiate your business and convince potential clients that you’re the right adviser or planner for them.

However, we know that many firms are making two simple yet costly mistakes.

Mistake #1: Adding a testimonial page to your website and thinking that’s enough.

It isn’t.


Because most website visitors won’t read it.

Our research shows that only around 2% of visitors will look at your testimonial page; the average time on the page indicates even fewer stick around to read them!

If you have Google Analytics, head over there when you’ve finished this blog and let us know how your testimonial page is performing.

The solution? Learn from Facebook. They don’t publish a page of adverts hoping you will visit the page. Instead, they display adverts on your timeline, which you see incidentally to your browsing. It works too; Facebook generated $16.6 billion in advertising revenue in the final three months of 2018.

That’s why we recommend including social proof throughout your website. From the homepage to your contact page each should include prominently displayed social proof.

Mistake #2: Using short, dull and unattributed testimonials

The first mistake is often compounded by the poor use of testimonials.

Testimonials which lack detail or attribution are far less likely to be believed than other forms of social proof.

We talk to our clients (and anyone else who will listen!) about a hierarchy of social proof:

  • The minimum: Attributable testimonials, with client name, location, length of time they have been a client, displayed alongside their photo
  • Mid-tier: Longer case studies, with all the above, but explaining why the client needed advice, how you helped and that they would recommend you to others
  • The gold-standard: Client videos, explaining to camera everything that the case study does and more

The pay-off

Making these two mistakes might mean potentially great clients, to whom you could add significant value, don’t ever get in touch. They aren’t convinced that you are the right adviser or planner for them and look elsewhere.

Conversely, get your social proof right, and you will increase the number of enquiries you receive while pre-selling them on the benefits of working with you.

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