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A new FREE scorecard to help you get more Google reviews

Two things are certain when it comes to Google reviews:

  1. They’re important, because they impress potential clients on their digital journey to your door, differentiate you from other firms and help you appear more prominently in Google search results
  2. They’re hard to get, because someone needs a Google account to leave a review and they can’t be left anonymously.

Over the years, we’ve written about the topic on many occasions.

Earlier this week, we brought that accumulated knowledge together for you in our latest free webinar, when we explained:

  • Why Google reviews are important
  • How your peers and competitors are doing
  • 7 ways we know will help you get more reviews
  • Why you need to reply and how to write the perfect response
  • Why Google reviews vanish and what to do when that happens
  • 6 ways to promote your Google reviews when you’ve received one.

If you missed it, click here to catch a recording of the webinar.

And that’s not all…

A new FREE scorecard to help you maximise the potential of Google reviews

Our third free scorecard will help you understand how you’re doing when it comes to Google reviews and whether you’re making some of the common mistakes.

It’s completely free and takes three minutes to complete.

When you’ve answered all the questions, you get the results instantly on your screen and emailed to your inbox.

Click here to take the scorecard now.

Here to help

If the results aren’t as positive as you hoped they might be, we’re here to help.

Email or call 0115 8965 300 and we’ll set up an initial meeting to discuss how we can help you improve your results.

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