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7 social media targeting categories you didn’t know existed

The advertising opportunities on Facebook and LinkedIn are constantly evolving. In 2018, Facebook advert impressions (the number of times an ad was seen) were up by 34%[1]. Despite attempts to dethrone it, the number of Facebook users continues to grow. LinkedIn now has a whopping 575 million users.[2]

So what?

A growing audience means a growing opportunity for financial advisers and planners to reach real people, add value, collect leads and secure new clients.

The more people use social media, the more complex and thorough our advertising can become. The targeting categories are derived wholly from the interests and behaviours of people on the platform.

Age, location and gender are the very basics (and incredibly useful basics at that!). But there’s so much more out there that is likely unknown and untapped by many financial professionals.

To spark your imagination, here are 7 types of people you might not have known you could target with social media advertising:

1. Parents

Parents are one of the most extensive targeting categories available on Facebook. You can target parents of newborns right the way through to those with grown-up children who’ve flown the nest.

Is it for you? For financial advisers and planners, this presents opportunities for targeting people in relation to estate planning and family protection.

2. People who work for specific companies

If enough people list their employer on Facebook and LinkedIn, the employer becomes a targeting category. Some examples include Network Rail, Balfour Beatty and British Airways.

Is it for you? For financial advisers and planners, this category enables you to target people who work for local companies. You could even narrow it down by job title and get straight to the people in charge.

3. Expats

Whether you’re looking to target UK expats living abroad or people from other countries living in the UK, Facebook has a seemingly endless list of expat targeting options.

Is it for you? For financial advisers and planners, this presents a unique opportunity to reach people who likely have complex financial arrangements; for example, Brits living abroad with pensions in the UK.

4. Divorcees and widows

If a person lists their relationship status on Facebook (we’ve all seen the classic, “It’s complicated”), you’ll be able to target them through their demographics.

Is it for you? For financial advisers and planners who specialise in working with divorcees and widows, this targeting category means you can reach out to people who might need urgent financial guidance.

5. House hunters

Been browsing on Zoopla or Rightmove recently? Facebook knows! You can even target first-time buyers, property investors and those who have recently used mortgage calculators.

Is it for you? For financial advisers and planners, in particular, mortgage advisers, this presents opportunities to target individuals at every step of the property ladder.

6. Frequent travellers

Jet setters who list their location abroad frequently or use the app in another country are targetable through Facebook advertising.

Is it for you? For financial advisers and planners, this niche audience is a way of targeting the wealthiest (you can thank Cambridge Analytica for the abolishment of all wealth-based targeting).

7. Other financial professionals!

Yes, you can even target people just like you. This is one for LinkedIn, where the job title targeting opportunities are vast and varied.

Is it for you? If you’re a financial adviser or planner running a conference, course, or just looking to reach out to others in your profession, this is for you.

So, there you have it.

This list is, of course, a small insight into the opportunities available when it comes to social media advertising. If you have a niche audience you’re looking to reach, there’s always a way that we can think creatively and reach the sort of people you want to work with.

It’s important to note that we’re targeting these people to add value; enhancing their online experience and helping them to connect with the numerous benefits of financial planning.

Offering a helpful guide or blog post when advertising ensures that you’re doing just that. And we can help you.

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