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5 simple but effective ways to make your blog content more readable

Getting people to your blog page is just one goal, you need to encourage people to read the content too. These five simple ways to break up your blog to make it more appealing can lead to better results, whether you want to inform existing clients of a change or encourage prospects to arrange a meeting.

While what you write is hugely important, so is how you set it out. A wall of text can be daunting and mean potential readers quickly click off your blog and head somewhere else.

When you’re writing, think about what will make the blog easier on the eye and encourage people to read. Splitting up your content and making it visibly more appealing means:

  • Readers are more likely to read your entire post
  • And those that scan the content can still pick up the key message.

So, next time you’re writing a blog, consider if these five simple but effective solutions could make your content easier to read.

1. Use subheadings to break up the text

One of the simplest ways to break up a blog is to add subheadings throughout the text – it can make a long blog seem far more manageable.

Subheadings can also act as signposts, so your readers know what the next section of text will cover. Perhaps your blog started talking about how more people need to consider Inheritance Tax (IHT), a subheading could show you’ll now look at the steps a reader can take to mitigate a potential bill.

Setting out your subheadings and sections before you start can give your writing a clear direction and ensure it flows.

If someone is skim-reading, it’s probably the subheadings they’ll read. So, they’re a great way to make sure they read the key parts of your message. Plus, they provide another chance to entice them to stop and read the blog in full.

2. Turn a dense paragraph into a bullet point list

Bullet points are useful when you need to pass on different pieces of information that relate to the same point, whether it’s a list of words or full sentences.

Next time you’re writing about the benefits of saving into a pension or ways you could help potential clients, consider a bullet point list rather than a long sentence or paragraph. It could:

  • Make your blog more readable
  • Draw readers in
  • Give each point the space it deserves.

3. Use tables when you’re sharing data

There will no doubt be times when you need to use a lot of figures in your content. From detailing investment performance to demonstrating the effect rising interest rates could have on mortgage repayments, you should consider how digestible the data is.

Paragraphs that are filled with numbers can quickly become confusing. Trying to keep track of the numbers can mean readers overlook the bigger picture. Using a table instead can make it far easier for them to find the figures that are relevant to them or see how the numbers relate to each other.

4. Turn your figures into a graph

Tables aren’t the only way to display data to make it more appealing, using graphs and charts can be just as effective. They’re especially useful when you want to clearly demonstrate trends, like the performance of the investment market.

Again, a graph will help to break up your text, and if someone is scrolling through your blog, it’s more likely to make them stop.

5. Boost engagement by including videos and animations

While your blog content may be text-based, that doesn’t mean you can’t use other media to enhance your point.

Using videos or animations is an excellent way to make your content more vibrant and engaging. If you need to explain complex topics, someone speaking about it or using graphics to support the points can make it much easier for readers to comprehend.

In fact, a YouGov poll suggests around 7 in 10 consumers prefer to learn about services or products through a video. That doesn’t mean every blog needs to include some form of video, but it’s worth considering where you could use them to help readers better understand your message.

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