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4 fascinating marketing lessons you can learn from playing board games

When the pandemic began in 2020, I was at a loss for things to keep myself and my housemates entertained over the weekend given we couldn’t go out and socialise with others.

Having enjoyed playing board games with my parents as a child, I foolishly (as you’ll find out shortly) started researching potential games my friends and I might enjoy.

Initial curiosity soon became an obsession, with one board game arriving at our house every month, on average, for at least a year.

My obsession has reached such a point now that one simple storage box underneath our coffee table isn’t enough. Indeed, we now have a rather large cabinet sitting in the corner of our living room that’s full of engine building, conquest, card collection, and resource management games.

I’m not ashamed to say that most Saturday evenings are spent playing board games with a few of my friends, who have slowly let my passion become theirs too.

While board games are a great way of spending an evening or some quality time with family members at Christmas, they can also teach you a lot about effective marketing.

So, read on to find out how planning ahead, remaining consistent, and taking advantage of opportunities are just as important in board games as they are in marketing your business.

1. Planning is important

No matter if you’re playing Monopoly, Risk, or any other strategy-based board game, having a plan in place is generally the most prudent thing to do.

Whether you’re desperate to claim those lucrative Park Lane and Mayfair squares or you know the strategic benefits of taking Australia early in Risk, identifying what you want to do early can boost your chances of success.

It’s no different when you’re marketing your business. For your marketing efforts to be successful, it’s important that you put a plan in place before you begin.

A vital aspect of this is carrying out due diligence. Undertaking comprehensive research will help you identify your target audience and how best to reach them.

Following your well-structured plan could then help you encourage trust and boost your reputation among existing clients and potential new ones.

Having such a plan also offers the additional benefit of making it far easier for you to monitor your progress and adapt if needed.

2. Consistency plays a vital role (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!)

By far and away the favourite game of our little board gaming group, Wingspan is all about placing cards (birds) onto your player mat (nature reserve) and activating the abilities and powers on these cards.

Throughout your game, the cards you play will continue to help you, meaning it’s important to combine one power or ability with another, often known in these gaming circles as “engine-building”.

When considering the way that they play the game, one of my friends is most certainly an advocate of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” They have one strategy (even though there are many you can try), and they’re consistent in playing that strategy and never deviating from it.

When you’re marketing your business, consistency plays an important role too. If you remain consistent with your marketing efforts and ensure the way you present your firm remains the same across all marketing channels, you’ll create a better customer experience and build brand trust and reputation.

Additionally, if you regularly send email marketing to your existing and potential clients, try to keep to a consistent schedule.

3. Remain adaptable and flexible so that you can adapt to changing circumstances

As I said earlier, if you’re playing a board game, you’ll have some kind of strategy and idea of what you want to do throughout the game.

However, all it takes is one other player to place their piece on the square you wanted to visit or pick up that card you needed to throw your plans into chaos.

If and when that happens, it’s important to be flexible and problem-solve creatively. For instance, you could try something else, focus on a different way of winning, or slightly adapt your strategy to reflect a change in circumstances.

Similarly, when you’re marketing your business, it’s just as crucial to remain flexible and adaptable and take advantage of any opportunities that arise.

For instance, you may see a niche in the market that’s worth taking advantage of. Moreover, you may see one of your competitors doing something that you think could be beneficial to you too.

Planning is essential but so is being flexible and adaptable. It’s one of the main reasons why it’s important to work with an experienced marketing company that knows how best to implement strategy changes or adapt to changing markets quickly.

4. Engaging with others can be crucial

These days, there are plenty of board games that offer player interaction. While these are frequently a way of encouraging combat and deceit, many of the more popular games in my friend group feature ways of utilising other player’s abilities or powers to benefit both parties.

That could be anything from purchasing a resource another player is regularly creating or allowing them to use your recently played card, which in turn means you gain a bonus as a result.

If you’re looking to effectively market your business, engaging with others, especially your clients, is essential. Giving existing and potential clients a variety of different ways of interacting with you, whether that’s through social media or email marketing prompts, can make a huge difference.

Regular communication with your clients can help you understand what your clients are looking for and the level of service you’re providing. Similarly, for your clients, it can be comforting knowing there is always someone they can reach out to if they require any assistance.

Additionally, responding frequently to clients through social media can also help to boost customer trust and your reputation in the sector.

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While board games are now a major part of my life, I don’t win too often. So, if you’re looking for the most optimal board game strategies, perhaps look elsewhere!

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