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3 reasons to publish that blog even if others have written on the same subject

As the internet becomes bigger, busier, and louder with each passing day, it’s increasingly challenging to create content that feels fresh and new. No matter how niche the subject is that you’re writing about, there’s always a possibility that someone else has covered it already.

This can be disheartening, and you might start to wonder if it’s worthwhile adding your own voice to the mix. After all, if someone were searching for the answer to that particular question, there is already plenty of material out there for them to choose from – why add to it?

If you’ve ever wondered this, you’re not alone, but that’s not to say you’re right to abandon your plans.

Read on to learn how to reframe this challenge into an opportunity and ensure that your blogs capture your ideal clients’ attention no matter how many others have written on the same subject.

1. Further blogs on the same subject mean this is an important conversation

In assuming that there’s no need to write another blog on a popular subject, you overlook a key truth: if others have chosen to write about this, it means it is an important question to answer.

Let’s look at one of the classic questions that prospective financial planning clients might type into Google: “How do I know if I have enough to retire?”.

If you had been planning on writing a blog about this, one glance at the millions of search results will confirm your suspicion that a lot of people are worried about having enough to be able to retire. So, far from putting you off from writing your own piece about preparing for retirement, seeing the multitude of voices talking about this could, in fact, spur you on.

Instead of abandoning your plans, commit to joining this important conversation and help more people to feel confident about their retirement plans. In doing so, you not only demonstrate that you understand your ideal clients’ worries and fears, you also show that you have a tried and tested approach that can help them to feel better.

2. You may have a different perspective or approach to explaining the problem

One of the tricky things about financial planning is that there are lots of different ways to approach the same problem, depending on what your values and priorities are. This means that you may have a different perspective on the subject than another firm.

By writing a blog that explains your position on a particular subject, or even your interpretation of a recent news story, you can add to the conversation and provide an alternative perspective. This can help readers to form their own opinion on the subject matter by exposing them to different viewpoints that they may not have considered.

It takes guts to stand out from the crowd and shout about how you do things differently. But that’s exactly the sort of thing that will catch your reader’s eye and hopefully convince them to learn more about what you do.

3. Your ideal clients will be interested in your take on the subject

Prospective clients aren’t purely reading your blog to gain an answer to their question – some might also be researching financial planners to discover who they might like to work with.

These readers also want to know: “Do I like how this person operates, and could I see myself trusting them enough to reach out for help?”.

The relationship between a client and their planner must be built on trust and understanding, which can take time to establish. Content marketing such as blogging allows you to demonstrate your values and your unique approach to financial planning. This can be a great way to begin building this relationship with your prospective clients before they have even reached out to speak to you.

But this is only possible if you answer the questions that are most concerning for your readers in your own unique way. There may have been lots of content written on the subject of financial planning, but your ideal clients will want to know your take on it all.

So, keep in mind the end goal of writing and publishing your blog. Of course, you are partly writing it to help educate your readers so that they feel more confident about their finances. But another reason is to help prospective clients find your website and decide if they would like to work with you.

As such, the blogs that other financial planners or organisations have published are largely irrelevant to your own content marketing. By putting your clients at the heart of what you do, you can tune out the noise and focus on creating effective content that helps your clients and your business to succeed.

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