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2017: Adviser Website Survey – The Results

Almost every adviser I know has a website. Some are great, others truly awful, most are somewhere in between. We firmly believe in the benefits financial advisers bring to their clients. Naturally, we therefore want to help advisers market themselves more effectively. We also believe an effective website, and making evidence-based decisions, are crucial components of a successful marketing strategy. It was with these beliefs in mind that we launched our 2017 Adviser Website Survey; we are now delighted to announce the results.

Download the report

The report is free; no paywalls, requests for email address or personal information.

The report contains:

  • The results of our adviser website survey
  • Benchmarks to help you compare the performance of your website with your peers
  • Advice on how you can improve your website, to meet the key challenges you face in the online world

The adviser website survey results are fascinating and reveal, among other things:

  • The percentage of advisers who disclose their fees online
  • The average number of visits each month to adviser websites
  • The most prevalent sources of traffic
  • The high levels of unwanted traffic advisers are getting from overseas
  • The low levels of traffic most advisers get from social media

We’ve never seen such detailed figures prepared specifically for UK-based financial advisers. They should have you diving straight for your Google Analytics accounts to compare how your website performs.

Key opportunities

We conclude the report by revealing the four key opportunities advisers have to differentiate themselves online.

I hope you find the report both interesting and useful. I welcome your feedback too, please drop me a line at

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the advisers who took time to answer our adviser website survey; it wouldn’t have been possible for us to produce the report without your input.

Finally, if you are one of the advisers who requested their free Google Analytics analysis, it’ll be with you soon. Please keep an eye on your inbox.

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