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5 advisers producing great, must see, videos

Our most recent articles, despite a small detour last week to cover the latest developments at Unbiased (which incidentally you can still read by clicking here), have all been about content. Done well, content should engage your target audience, deliver valuable information and position you as an expert in your niche. We’ve already covered the written word (blogs) and the spoken word (podcasts), this week, in our final article of the series, we look at financial adviser videos.

The thought of appearing in front of the camera will cause many of us to break out in a cold sweat. I’m no different. But I was determined to produce a video when we launched The Yardstick Agency, as it’s proven to engage viewers and visitors to our website. Take a look at these stats from Hubspot:

  • Video in an email leads to a 200 – 300% increase in click through rates
  • 65% of executives visit the marketer’s website after watching a video
  • 90% of users say that videos are useful in the decision-making process
  • 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text

Isn’t it expensive?

Potentially, but it doesn’t have to be.

To give you an idea, the video on our homepage took the best part of a day to shoot, and a couple more to edit. The total cost was approximately £900. For me, that’s an acceptable cost (actually it’s an investment) for an evergreen video, which will stand the test of time.

There is of course a far more cost-effective option; your mobile phone. Technology now means most of us carry around what is effectively a small studio in our pockets. Sure, you won’t produce studio quality video on your phone. But you’re not trying to produce Oscar winning cinematography that Coppola would be proud of. What it lacks in polish, it will make up in authenticity and speed. There’s something rather endearing too about a video shot simply on a phone, edited and then uploaded to a website.

Who is doing it well?

Relatively few advisers use video on their website, although they are greater in number than those who podcast. So, with the usual caveats that these are in no particular order and with apologies to anyone I have missed off, here are a few examples of advisers who use video well on their website.

Please click the firm name, or the image, to go to their videos.


This Leicester based firm has an enviable library of very watchable and informative videos.

The length of each is perfect, with slick editing and the effective use of PowerPoint slides to illustrate complex concepts. They also deploy their advisory team well, with different presenters used to provide variety.

I’ve rarely seen such an extensive or useful range of videos. Their commitment in terms of both time and money will have been significant, but the effort is without doubt worth it.

Values to VisionValues to Vision

In his introductory video, Nick explains exactly what he does for clients in his own unique style.

The setting is interesting. Most advisers will use an office environment, not Nick, who chose to use a family home (I don’t know if it was his or not) which helps to create the relaxed and informal feeling.

Nick’s personality shines; you need look no further than 20 seconds in for an example, when he makes his feelings towards the personal finance press very clear. His ethos and culture are clear too; it’s about planning not products.

As an introduction to an adviser and their firm, you will have to go a long way to improve on Nick’s video.

Jones HillJones Hill

Content, in whatever form, is more engaging if it is entertaining. The video from Jones Hill, featuring Brian Hill, certainly ticks that box.

We’ve got clients (I assume they are real), an actor playing an ‘old style’ adviser (check out the name plate), some animation and Brian himself, walking round his office (I’ve tried to walk to camera, it’s bloody difficult!) and truly engaging with the viewer.

The script is excellent, as is the direction, which has clearly been thought through, check out the background when Brian pauses to talk to the camera after 50 seconds.

Along with Nick Lincoln’s, this is probably the best video of its type I’ve seen recently.

FinsolFinsol Systems

We all know Jason from his days at Bloomsbury Wealth Management.

He’s now moved on and is involved with Finsol Systems, which launched its website, along with a flurry of videos, earlier in the year.

The videos take the format of interviews with leading industry figures, Damian Davies, Brett Davidson, etc. and show how technology can be used to produce hugely valuable content for a very low cost.

Meaningful MoneyMeaningful Money

We included Pete Matthew, aka the ‘king of content,’ a couple of weeks ago when we looked at adviser podcasts. But, his video output is so prolific he has to be included in this week’s article too.

Pete has an extremely relaxed style and makes the complex, simple to understand. It also shows what can be accomplished in your own office and demonstrates that you don’t need expensive studios to produce great video content.

A bonus for all Chartered Financial Planners

I’ve previously written about why it is important for Chartered Financial Planners to explain their status, and more importantly, how it benefits their clients, on the website.

The CII has a great resource centre on its website to help you do just that. It has also produced a free video, which you can add to your website, to explain more about your Chartered status to potential clients.

If you are Chartered, I recommend adding it to your website.

It’s not as tough as you think

I thought it would be easy to find financial adviser videos being produced to an excellent standard. To be honest, it wasn’t. That means there’s an opportunity for advisers who do it well.

There’s no getting away from the fact that financial adviser videos aren’t for everyone. You’ve got to become comfortable in front of the camera, or it just won’t work. Unless you’re a natural, and born for the silver screen, that takes practice.

If you can get over the inevitable stage fright, a great opportunity to engage with potential clients awaits.

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