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10 practical tips to help you get the best out of LinkedIn today

LinkedIn has 31.2 million users in the UK alone. That means the platform has huge opportunities if your target clients are counted in that number.

However, too many of us (including myself in the past) get distracted by the way some people choose to use LinkedIn and dismiss it as useless.

Look at it another way: if you’ve got a phone, you’re going to get spam calls. If you’re on LinkedIn you’re going to get sales messages and recruiters pestering you. But the LinkedIn platform is no more to blame for these than Vodafone or BT are for spam phone calls.

So, dial down the noise (tip #1 in this week’s article) and focus on the possibilities offered by a platform with 31.2 million users that allows 24/7 networking you can dip in and out of whenever suits you.

If now’s the time to start taking LinkedIn seriously, here are 10 practical tips to get the best out of it, which I’ve explained in my latest blog for Nucleus’ illuminate platform.

As always, I hope it helps!

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