Adviser website index

A website will play a crucial part in the marketing strategy of most financial advisers and planners.

However, until now, it has been impossible to know how your site compares to those of other advisers.

The Yardstick Adviser Website Index solves that problem by collecting data from adviser websites and showing you the average performance for a range of key performance indicators.

To use the index, simply enter your statistics taken from Google Analytics and see how your site compares.

Metric Your website How your website compares
Average sessions per month
Average unique visitors per month
Average page views per session
Average time per session (seconds)
Bounce rate %
% of new sessions %
% of UK visitors %
Devices Desktop %
Mobile %
Tablet %
Acquisition Direct %
Display %
Email %
Organic %
Other %
Paid %
Referral %
Social %
Social Blogger %
Disquss %
Facebook %
Google+ %
Instagram %
LinkedIn %
Pintrest %
Pocket %
Reddit %
Stack %
Twitter %
Wordpress %
Yelp %

Room for improvement?

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